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Buyer went away without leaving a feedback!


When I delivered the work, buyer thanked me and praised me a lot into message section. But he didn’t give any feedback in review section. Same buyer did this two times. Is there any way to get those praise into review section from him?


You do great work. Don’t worry about it. We can’t force them to leave feedback. It is completely their choice.


Thank you @rishaan_bhagat.



After completion of an order, the only thing that is rightfully yours is the amount you earned from the order… nothing else. It is up to the buyer if they want to post a review or not. Some buyers just don’t leave a review. We can’t do anything about it. :man_shrugging:

Apparently, Fiverr sends two reminders to the buyer to post a review. Besides, I have heard of instances where the mere mention of the word “review” has led to some users being warned by Fiverr. So, I wouldn’t ask a buyer for one either.

I know… It hurts when you don’t get a review after having toiled hard on delivering a quality service/product to the client. But don’t worry about it. Just focus on your work and everything else will fall into place.



Thank you so much @hanshuber16


It is completely their choice. Just focus on good servings. Thank you