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Buyer who is also a seller of same job field

Hi I am a Graphics Designer. A few days ago, a buyer messaged me for some work. He told me that if I show him a sample then he will place order. I submitted my works as per his requirenment. I submitted my work with watermark. After that, He didn’t reply and gave no feedback . Anyway, I then just curiously checked his profile and found that he is also a Graphics Designer like me. Now my question is would there be any problem if I had worked for him?


No way to really know, but it’s always a good idea to check the profile of anyone who contacts you about work. If you get a warning feeling, pay attention to it.


Hi there…,
It seems that this one is a reseller.
Personally, i don’t like working for reseller.

There will be lots of revisions,
Plus, chance of failed project will increase
(Reseller failed to communicate their buyer revisions to us, and then blame us for poor delivery)
It’s just don’t worth of our time

Just my two cents,

Wish you luck,


Thank you very much for your valuable advice. :heart_eyes:

I agree with @ridwansugi. Your potential buyer was likely to be a reseller.

A reseller might, for example, offer a logo design gig for $15 - but subcontract the work out to another seller for just $5.

Had you ended up working for the reseller, there wouldn’t have been a problem with Fiverr. However, in my opinion resellers are generally bad news.

For example, in my experience resellers fail to communicate gig requirements correctly leading to many problems. If their buyer asks for a cancellation then the reseller will cancel your order as well - even though you’ve probably done nothing wrong.


It was very informative. Thanks for your kind support.

101% true. I also don’t like to work with reseller

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