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Buyer who leaves 1 star review unfairly

I am just mad…

A buyer who got his images exactly EXACTLY as he requested edited… completes the orders, don’t ask for modifications (as everything was edited as he wanted) and leave 1 star review

“Normal, not professional”

What can I do here? I have over 1800 five star reviews on fiverr for 2 years and a half and definitely know what I am doing so this is completely unfair review!

Should I contact CS?

I am so tired of this, going to push the higher more in order to avoid that buyers *hopefully)


Not really I guess because you first need to contact the Buyer and ask him what really made him leave 1 star review. It feels really bad however you have got few days to let buyer change the review.

It will be better than you aks him the reason and tell him the consequences of it on your account. If he feels it was by mistake you can open resolution center to ask him change the feedback.

If that doesn’t work contact CS too but I don’t think CS will do anything about this.

I don’t think we can contact buyer for asking about feedback. It might ban you. I’ve read this somewhere on forum. May be @cyaxrex can better suggest you.

Thank you

I can not contact the buyer

We can’t ask theb buyer to change the review or ask for 5 star. But what @retouchstudio1 said is that she delivered exactly what buyer wanted may be then she can atleast confirm from buyer why really did he leave 1* was it by mistake as I matched what your wanted.

If the buyer replied he left review being not delivered what he ordered then she can’t force him.

The buyer left 1 start because he is mean…that’s it. He wants to leave 1 star review. I can not contact him, even if I could, I would not and it wont help…

Then contact CS also means nothing because if the buyer threats then in that case CS can help as the review is left to harm your profile image.

Then why there is option to contact CS “I want to remove or edit feedback” …it means it is possible?

How much does it hurt my gig this 1 star review?

If its shows you that option then contact them. Fiverr CS can remove feedback only if you conversation smells fishy like buyer wanted to harm. If all went well and user left review as he did not like review then no luck I guess.

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I forgot to say…

I delivered even the order in 1 hour!!!

Then he leaves 1 star review…

Gig and profile gets hurt but ups and downs are part of life. You need to move on get some good feedback work hard and within days your will forget about this bad review.

In times’ past, Fiverr CS used to delete unfair reviews - times have changed and this doesn’t appear to be much the case anymore. Even with the option to modify a review, it appears to be a manipulation of feedback in Fiverr’s system.

Rather than dwelling on a 1-star review and its unfairness, consider using your rebuttal feedback to lay out what you did for the client and that no communication on the buyer’s side was given before the 1-star feedback. You can mention that you tried to contact the buyer but was unable to. It’s my thought that a 1-star review will be nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Most buyers are liable to overlook it, especially given the number of positive reviews you have. Of course, how you word your rebuttal will dictate to potential buyers your own demeanor to the situation. If you come across as hateful, they’ll think the feedback was justified. If you come off as professional, they’ll just think of it as the buyer was having a bad day or something of the like.

Don’t bother contacting Fiverr CS - the only thing you’ll be given is a template message about reviews being final and they help to build a fair market - yada yada… something like that. Whether it’s justified or not is not the point in their eyes. They just don’t care.

Good luck!


Thank you! I agree totally…

I just check your profile on fiverr, i want to say only one thing
just chill you are fine, i seriously though you are new,
You have thousand of positive review buyers will not care if you have some nagetive review as it is part of life
Wish you luck for next 1000

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But I already sent a message to CS so I might be gone as well soon…

I’ve a similar experience but not with 1 star. Sometimes it happens. After all, I try to understand if I did any wrong & try to recover for next projects so that I get better experience with every buyer. I hope you will also be successful by facing many obstacles. Good wishes for you!

I really don’t know why you send the message to CS and how they are going to help you.
If i have thousand of order i will not care about these things.
but it is your account
wish you luck

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Because I felt it was totally unfair and I could not contact the buyer

However, I message them again, saying I no longer want to change anything and accept the 1 star review…fair or unfair

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It seems like he is not happy with the job or he just want to give one start review,
in any case you should move on.
Bye the way i am checking your profile, i was thinking you have thousand of order
you have around 2000 thousand order,
you must be doing a good job