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Buyer who leaves 1 star review unfairly

Ok, this is happened to me yesterday. I tried to contact the seller and also CS but fiverr compensates me with a level warning demotion. I suggest to not to do anything so you don’t get a bad situation like it happened to me because fiverr will tell you that bad review will never be removed. All you have to do is to leave your review to the buyer to, give him 1 star as well and leave a super big negative review, so the future client when they see that bad review they will read your review as well.

Here is my topic about this in case you would like to check Unfair demotion warning

Asking them to “reconsider their review” might get the OP a warning

eg. another seller got this message from CS:

Asking another user to edit or remove feedback, or specifically asking for positive feedback, is not allowed and is a violation of our Terms of Service.

  • bolding added by me.

I think the best thing to do if replying to the negative review is to reply in a professional, polite way so future buyers wouldn’t be put off buying.

Also, when delivering maybe remind them they can ask for a revision if needed.


But the question is why this buyer after leaving 1 star review blocked me? I feel like from the beginning, he intended to do something like this.

When made the order, saying " GOOD LUCK"… Good luck? He sent also 2 images that could not be downloaded. Leaves 1 star and blocks me…

Oh well…

Did you ask him about the 2 images that couldn’t be downloaded when you got the order? Were they necessary for the order or could they have helped? Maybe you could have asked him to put them on a different site (eg. dropbox) or attach them on Fiverr?

But the question is why this buyer after leaving 1 star review blocked me

Maybe he’s worried he might be criticised for leaving the review?

very sad news! you can contact with your buyer…

Fortunately it is rare but sometimes you get a buyer with a hidden agenda.

You should contact the buyer to know about review,because something similar happen with me.
When I contacted the buyer,He said he give me 5 but it was one star.

She already said that she can’t contact the buyer.


Yes. This happened to me, and CS removed his review.

I showed him the draft, Buyer said “this is GREAT! I absolutely Love it!” …

So I delivered the order immediately, then straight away I get a 1 star review and He ripped me to shreds! I contacted CS ad they must have checked out the conversation and they removed it.



That is awesome and the way it should be!

Customer support did a great job in this case.

(And what a mean idiots some buyers are…)

Hi retouchstudio1,

It’s sad when someone leaves a 1 star for the effort you have put in and also you should not try request edit to feedback from the client.

I had received a warning for the same.

The Guy had said “He left it by mistake and told me to ask for a review to feedback …” which I did.

Ended up getting a warning from Fiverr.

I think you have to be just cautious and beware and continue to do good work … These things shall happen :slight_smile:

Wishing you the best for your work on Fiverr.

I agree buyers that accidentally leave bad reivews are the worst

ugh!! I JUST recieved my first 1 star review last week too. I delivered within an HOUR – after he begged me to help - and I cut my cost in HALF… went above and beyond - delivered a SECOND/updated modification request within an HOUR – and they said "she has attitude " hahaha I had to laugh. I have over 600 5* reviews - and it’s kind of funny to see his one star…

It hurts so bad. But your reaction/reply to it should show others how you deal with crabby people… I gave him 5 stars back and said I was shocked with the 1 star review.

Guess that’s the nature of fiverr; there’s really only been a handful of people here the past 4 years that I’ve run into… mostly - people here are so fun and great to work with!