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Buyer who refuses to cancel order for some reason

Hello all,

I have a buyer who gave me really low quality image…

I have stated that I do NOT work with low quality images in my gig description second sentence!

She does the order though and after I make the best to edit it, she says she is not happy with it and I said it is not good quality image and canceled the order explaining why it can not improve

I canceled like 2 times and she decline to cancel with no explanation from her side…

The order is for $5

So I wonder why is she refusing the refund and not look for another editor? Has this happened to you? I am sure it does? And what can I do? Contact customer support to cancel it…?

Why some people have to be so painful like this?..


Yes that’s the only way i see if she is refusing and you can’t do the job CS can help as you both are not coming to an agreement.


This customer is sooo painful, like she just wants to argue!

Yes, I contacted customer support… I hope they can help here, what a nightmare, never had something like this for year and half

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CS Will cancel. I have had this too…I request cancel, and they say no. Some buyers do not get why you are canceling.

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That is good to know as I am so stressed because of this customer! Totally ruined my day…

And she keeps sending message after message…just arguing…:expressionless: OMG

I get it. It sucks. I had a buyer who gave me such a vaque explanation when they purchased. I write, and they said we have a Greek website, and we want to launch in English. Write me something on health. if we like, we order from you more. I am paraphrasing. When I went to clarify that I wanted to see the site, and I needed more clarity on a topic, he said I was rude and wanted to cancel. I worked it out where I did the $10 job. You have to get what you need to do the job or it will wind up being a mess when you deliver.

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In my case I have stated I do not work with low quality images. And I ask in my gig and say it is always good to send a message with the image first before ordering the gig.

This (evil) customer does NOT do it. She straight made the order. And after this she writes… just now:

“Why did you not decline the order when you saw that the quality was in your opinion not good. Why did you first accept it and after that you complain about the quality?”

??? like whaaaat. She made the order without asking, then why did not I decline…and just sooo negative…


Never stuck your mind be easy and don’t get tensions and stress. Be Neutral and normal do work in order boundaries and what you can do if you can’t there are ways out. So instead of taking stress just leave your computer for few moments and do other things. Change your mind as this thing is not good for health.


Not all buyers read all the way through and the idea of a quality image is subjective. I would maybe make it a little more clear what you mean by quality. It can not be blurry, for example. You learned, and I would move on. Do not let it bring you down. You will get these occasionally.


Totally agreed with you.


yes, I agree… But I wait now for CS to answer and cancel the order…and in 3 hours the order will be marked as late… as every time I try to cancel the order and explain politely why and refund the $5… she cancels. Just does not care and want to listen or understand, she just wants to argue and keep sending messages…

So my rating will get down, because of this. And my delivery orders rating is 100%

Not to much worry about it. At least you will get yourself in peace. Marked as late doesn’t really matter here as the order is going to be cancel. And Order completed ratio will drop. But this is not the end. Keep up the good work and good things are coming next.

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You should have you lawyer - Swifty Barrowitz - take over your account and start messaging for you. It may look something like this:


Allow that I introduce myself… My name is Swifty Barrowitz- Showbiz attorney specialist. I’ll be handling this account from here on out…see… I’ve just returned from the muggy infestations of a crowded swamp land where I’ve rigorously defended a web developer / client from the terrible clutches of third world law. Traditionally I would have no such involvement in strange shenanigans of that sort…but when the accused faced death by lathered butter mosquito bites… well, something just had to be done. Savages!

Heck, even upon arrival I was greeted by a saturnine brood of leaf clothed meat heads… bustling me through the misty regions and lashing me with broken tree remains. There, my client was bound to a massive wood carving. It stood firmly into the ground and dwarfed his tiny frame. At the top- in what appeared to be dropping red coloring- the words “For this we give to thee” appeared.

From the gathering a large man emerged. His skin was the complexion of jerky and his eyes were sunken, with bite marks folding over the tops of his eye lids. The swamp bugs buzzed around him and the smaller ones pinged off his chest - falling to their doom. He was the shape of a 1970’s television and he didn’t so much walk as he did glide from the troop.

“This man…” he began, his voice like rocks tearing into concrete, “this man must pass into another place.”

Now, I’m what you might call a “hands on” attorney. I’m more like an agent… no, I’m more like a friend, than I am some run of the mill hour logger. My clients can reach me at anytime. Day or night. Cops got you by the short hairs? Call Swifty. That girl you met in Tucson was more expensive than you intended? Call Swifty.


Due to the nature of my work and the juggling of such sensitive subject matter- I have multiple cellular devices and what you may refer to as a weak digestive disposition. My phones are all set to alert me - exactly at four pm, that’s eastern standard- to take my anxiety medication. Prescribed, totally legitimate.

But here’s what you may not know… Swamp people love Randy Newman…

From every pocket and every angle, right at four pm, chords shot out from my body. Brisk chords… jolly. I stood frozen. The cold gaze of the brute never leaving my eyes. Swamp beings seemed to hush down. Then the vocal…

“Short people got no reason. Short people got no reason. Short people got no reason to liiiiiive.”

The beastly man extended his vascular arm into my coat pocket and retrieved my phone. He turned and presented the others with this item. I quickly reached for the others handing phones to multiple members of his group.

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Dancing now. Jiving in and out of his crew, " They got little baby legs and they stand so low you gotta pick em up just to say hello."

Pointing and directing the choir of leaf wearing misfits, “They got little cars (in unison) that go BEEP BEEP BEEP! They got little voices going PEEP PEEP PEEP! They got grubby little fingers and dirty little minds… They gonna get you everytime”

and right then he pointed to me and I sang “I dont want no short people” as everyone erupted in cheer. We sang the the remainder together in an explosion of song and dance.

“Don’t want no short people! Dont want no short people…”

and as the last line presented itself, the brute pointed to my client on the heavenly high wooden slab. My client sang, “Don’t want no short people round here.”

The brute cut free his hands.

Swamp people are completely archaic beings. Feasting on the likes of the domesticated. But they have great taste in music…

and they are my friends…

so I’m thinking you want to complete this order…


Fiver customer support was awesome again and canceled the order before it was late!!

And said they will review this customer!

Great…This nightmare is over…


Can’t you just appease all that hard work I did by lying and saying you totally acted like Swifty Barrowitz?

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