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Buyer who send Threat and accused


I’ve been in fiverr since 2010 as far as I remember, just later when I’m really doing it full time. I have 100+++ orders in total, 100++ reviews of 4+++ not bad, just close enough to always get perfect score rate.

A buyer contact me, for a task with details, i know I gave a good answer to all, but just now he message me with another details and when I replied he sent this message:

WD: Fiverr Fraud Department

First and foremost I want to engage with and purchase legitimate work offers on this platform. I also want to prevent fraud on Fiverr by individuals who claim and represent they are someone they are not. I believe the profile you are responding from is fraudulent in that you are not the real person providing the services or that there are multiple people using this profile to offer services. This is a form of fraud and I am going to report it. On September 16, 2018 I asked you four (4) questions. On September 17, 2018 you replied, however you did not answer even one (1) of them. This is some type of scam, it’s not my duty to figure out what kind of scam or fraud you’re trying to run on this platform but I will take the time to report you and this profile to the administrator. It’s clear that you are not able or the people that are working behind this profile are not able to answer basic and simple questions.

Respectfully do not contact me any further with your fraudulent misrepresentations and respectively I will not contact you.

checking on it, i based on him I didn’t answer his messages, etc etc and now send me threat to report and accusing me that I have fraud account. This is really unfair that I even use my REAL name and accused without even doing investigation.

Hope fiverr do something for this kind of buyer I don’t know what his reason but will definitely can ruin someone’s hard earned account!

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please remove the user profile link its not allowed !!

message already updated

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please remove the name also its not allowed

where I can find the details that it’s not allowed? maybe you can share

Read this Forum Rules first and please remove the buyer name first

removed it already. tnx

Hi,report the matter to fiverr support team with all realvent screenshot of msg.

Some people have weird hobbies…

I wouldn’t be too worried that Fiverr will take a fraud accusation based on “didn’t reply quickly to my questions” seriously.

Maybe it’s also just an empty threat just to scare you and Fiverr won’t hear of this. If he’s not right, you certainly can report him on your part, also if you feel like he will indeed report you, you may want to tell your side of the story to support (with the relevant screenshots).

Or you can just ignore it as the nonsense it is. What I’d definitely not do after this is talking to him. Either ignore or report.

reported already. Hope fiverr will really look into this kind of issues not always on favor of the buyer

Don’t worry, you can just ignore it, block him/her if you need to

Yes, already report it.
But this is only the start of BAD messages he keeps on sending me for to decide to report and posting one message here.
I don’t think buyer can just say bad words to seller. I don’t think they have the right. But correction, he didn’t made any order for me, didn’t even get any single cents

Yes, I got that there wasn’t an order. It’s good you reported it, keep us updated. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your concern. I just really feel violated of the bad words which in the first place he’s not even a client. I really just hope fiverr is fair enough to check it

That’s very understandable. And I certainly hope so too.

Yeah. Thank you. I appreciate your feedback too

hi dear nitasolima
at the end of your situation what happens at the end what result
many thanks

She stopped being on Fiverr two years ago and her profile is not available.

Nothing happened. Just block him and move on. That was a fake copy pasted message.

Unrelated to your situation but I’d love to send this to all the potential buyers who deliberately or accidentally ignore some questions I have in my brief just because they don’t know how to answer or find my needs to get the work done irrelevant.

Write them the following: “I reported this interaction to Fiverr CS and let them look into the situation. I won’t be engaging any further. Have a nice day.” Then block them and do report them just in case.

WD: Fiverr Fraud Department

Nice try on their part but it’s not even remotely convincing.

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