Buyer will not respond to Gig requirements and late replies


I am a little thrown off first by the non responsiveness from Fiverr on support requests. I have a job in que that this woman refuses to reply to my rating has gone down because I am listed as “very late” when she has never satisfied the requirements. I also had a client that was traveling while I was trying to do his edits so I took a hit on it too. She will not reply no cancel. I lost a level behind this foolishness.


I would suggest that when they don’t give you the materials you need, you should open a dispute and cancel the order 2 days before the order due date. They have 2 days in which to respond to the cancel request, or it cancels automatically. I always time this so that the cancel happens well before the due date so being late is never a part of it.


that must effect your completion rate?


Yes it will, but I’d rather have that than a late mark or be help up forever. Besides often it gets their attention and they ask you not to cancel. I tell them once you send the materials, I will send an extension on the due date, agree to it and we are in business, otherwise cancel.


You should have visited resolution center and decline the order!


I did visit the resolution center. No reply from them either except to tell me that if I canceled my rate would suffer.