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Buyer will not stop leaving bad feedback


So here’s the situation in a nutshell: buyer loves our first gig, asks me for a story for a second gig, we communicate a lot about this story, then, upon delivery, buyer states that she did not want a story. She tries to cancel it multiple times even though I refused each time, because I did exactly what she asked me to do and fulfilled all of the requirements in my gig description. Once the gig was marked as completed, she left terrible feedback. It was completely unfair, and Fiverr agreed and took it down. Twice. She’s put it up a third time.

What can I possibly do to make her leave me alone? Even Fiverr agrees that it’s completely out of line and unfair. She admits that it was well-written, admits that she admires my hard work and effort, but because she ‘didn’t get what she wanted’ (she CERTAINLY got what she asked for), she’s stated that she’s going to continue to post the negative feedback. I cannot give her a refund, was never willing to do so, and absolutely will not be bullied into doing free work otherwise. This is the third time in twenty-four hours that I’ve had to ask CS to remove her feedback. She just posts the same thing every single time. I am so frustrated. She’s called me petty, been so extremely childish and rude, and doesn’t seem to understand that I’m not the one removing it, that Fiverr is because it’s a violation.


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The good thing is, according to a TRS (sorry, can’t remember the guys’s name), in 30 days the buyer will be unable to add feedback. So, basically, you might have to grin and bear it for a few weeks and then it should be gone permanently.


IF you told fiverr she keeps putting the negative feedback back after fiverr removes, ask fiverr if they can block her or even better yet, remove her account all together.


yeah why isn’t fiverr banning her as a stalker because at this point, that’s what she’s being


I agree with steveeyes & davidlustrup. When contacting Fiverr about taking down the third negative feedback, I would ask them what their stance on “cyber bullying” is. There are laws against it in the United States. I know Fiverr doesn’t like getting involved but in this case, they have a duty to protect you.