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Buyer will not supply information necessary to complete order

I am a grant writer, and I work with nonprofits to secure grant funding. Usually, the buyer sends me information about their organization (mission statement, annual budget, program descriptions, etc.) that I use to write a compelling and competitive grant proposal. I also help them think through evaluation methods and other aspects of their program to create a more competitive proposal. It’s a collaborative experience. However, I now have a buyer that refuses to send me any information other than a link to her website which has very little information. She wants me to “be creative” and make up a program for her to be funded. Obviously, this is dishonest and unethical, not to mention, if I were to do this and she get funded, she could be required to pay the grant funding back (and possibly incur additional fines) if the funder were to find out this is a fabricated program. I’m trying to be as helpful as I can, but I’m to the point where I can’t go further without additional information from her (I’m actually starting to wonder if her nonprofit even exists). Any advice? I’d love to see this order through to completion, but I would absolutely rather refund her than produce a dishonest product.


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It sounds like you might have to cancel the order. If you’re getting red flags, trust them. I’m thrilled to hear that you have ethical boundaries, as there are far, far too many scammers popping up what with the current global situation.

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