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Buyer with 2 accounts

Some advice please.

Conversation with buyer, resulting in an offer …

Next thing, she messages through a different account saying she doesn’t see the offer.

Pointed out to her she has 2 accounts and this is against TOS … and she’s said she’ll sort that out.

No obvious orders on either account.

Thought about it for a few minutes … and then withdrew the offer. Now she’s asking why …

Give her the benefit of the doubt … or not … ?

Not. Chances are, you will end up regretting it. The only time I have had a buyer use 2 accounts and I was aware of the fact, it resulted in a chargeback.

It could be an innocent case of someone losing their password. However, one red flag usually leads to another.


Yeah - unfortunately I agree with you.

There’s also the thing about working with someone knowing they’re breaking TOS. That’s probably not a great idea …

Sad, really - she seems nice enough …

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I have had a number of people who have separate personal and professional accounts.
Never had an issue with them but at the same time, if they have no reviews showing on either it is a little odd.


I wasn’t even aware buyers weren’t allowed to have multiple accounts. I’m so used to that. And to one account being used by a “team” of 30 people. And to random people showing up in my inbox and asking for files I delivered to another user claiming to be the same user or a friend/relative of the said user.

If you sense something sketchy and can avoid that, it’s probably for the best to do so.

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Gads! I hope they really are attached to the original buyers - not great to deliver to some unattached random …

CS told me I could only deliver/send the files to the account they were ordered from. So I just quote CS in such situations, no refunds so far.

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Just had a look through TOS and more than one buyer account is not specifically forbidden … however, since accounts can be used for buying and selling, I think, probably, err on the side of caution.

Told the buyer I can’t work with her.

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I’ve had the exact same thing happened to me before and all the orders I had with that buyer went okay, but I would only consider this as a red flag if other things were off…it could be everything from forgetting a password to having balance in one of the accounts.

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Doesn’t look like it, @urdeke - one of the accounts is 2 years old and the other 5. Neither have any feedback on them …

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Yeah, good call then…specially if it was a small(-ish) gig

It’s not uncommon for me to get messages saying that someone ordered from me before from a different account. I dislike when that happens but have gone ahead with new orders they placed and have not had any problems from it.

I have encountered that same issue…

When they discuss the project with one account & then place the order with another and then they ask me follow the inbox communication to find the details… :neutral_face:

One person has forgotten the password so he created a new account to get some changes done on a previous design… I spent about good 1-2 hours finding the source file by his old account name with the jpeg he gave me…(just imaging when you have to go through almost 2000+ folders… ) :scream:

I have had about 10- 12 such buyers but never had a problem…