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Buyer with 5$ asking for flowers and fairies

I had a buyer firstly he order my 5$ gig which is to solve a simple problem.

He came with a code to tell me how to do it I did ans he asked revision that he needs on single page I wasted 1 hour and did make way to install it on single page.

Now he again aksed revision sending a video I want it like this.

What to do I don’t wanna cancel order neither want a bad review as I guess he surely will coz if he understood I did what he wanted this would not have happen

Mod Note: Inappropriate title edited and changed

Hello can you please erase that last word in the title and use a better word?

If your gig promised a certain number of revisions then you have to do them and if you don’t want to do it then all you can do is cancel this order.


LOL! I was also about to ask him the same.

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I don’t want to flag it but there is no need to use that word.

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Don’t Cancel Order ,Try to Satisfied your Client