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Buyer With a Love/Hate Relationship with Critisim

Ah, well this is an interesting one. Had a buyer about a week ago message me about writing a review for a (supposedly) tech-related book (I do web development but do tech writing on the side) and I said, sure. Give this client lots of advice and criticism on branding and social media while I’m at, it and the client insists on paying double in thanks for the advice, thanking me for being honest.

I was well aware before hand that the book I was receiving was short (under 100 pages), un-edited, and had recently had all its Amazon reviews removed for “reasons”. I was prepared for the worst but it actually wasn’t that bad. Enjoyed the first half and send the client my train-of-thought notes so that they can see I’m making progress (this client seemed very chill, wanted a lax deadline so I had time to read it)

My train-of-thought notes are mixed positive and negative stuff I want to remember for when I write whatever I’m writing. So when I’m confused about something, I jot it down so if its revealed later, I can see when/why/how. The book is meh when it comes to structure, planning, and cohesive plot, so I had a good amount of questions for myself.

Stop reading for the day, and go work on other stuff. 2 hours later, I get a message that amounts to “if I have to explain the simplest concepts of the book to you, I obviously can’t work with you” and “this is why I wanted to work with a professional, but now I see I should have chosen someone else”

Whoa. The client honestly got mad that I couldn’t understand parts of the book (which were explained later) and accused me of skimming the book because I was “obviously” missing huge points. Personally, I think it speaks volumes about your work if a first time reader is so confused. When you’ve read it multiple times, you obviously know all the mysteries first presented, what all these crazy new terms mean, and who these characters are despite them barely being introduced.

The client offered a partial refund and I declined, doing a full one because by golly if they realize they need a pro editor then take that money and put it to that then. Disappointing because I genuinely liked the client and was enjoying the product and was willing to go above and beyond when I wrote my content, my first professional book review ever.

Anyways, that’s my extremely long winded rant. Wish this client the best and hope whoever has this client next gets along better.

Yep. Moma always said, “life is like a box of chocolates”… you know the rest. :slight_smile: