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Buyer with beer budget, champagne taste

Today, I had a buyer who got pissed that I requested a mutual cancellation when he wanted so much done for $5 after I’ve already explained what is included in a $5 gig. He is actually a return buyer, perhaps his 3rd time purchasing (earlier jobs went well). Lol, maybe he had a bad day… I don’t know.

But this is what he had to say (check attached photo). haha! (okay, I don’t know why the attached photo doesn’t appear)

He said “■■■■ ya anyway”

LOL. He didn’t need to be rude though. hahaha. Well, at least he accepted the mutual cancellation.

Just needed to rant that out. Hope you guys had a better day though!

I got a message from someone with a bulk order and asking for a free sample first of HIS custom requirement.
I refused and he said that my work was mud anyways :expressionless:

Hehe. Why bother after seeing the reviews then?

glad non of that happened to me ever :stuck_out_tongue:

Today I canceled an order where the buyer paid $5 and said he wanted a $25 extra free and would come back and buy more later. Then started demanding in multiple messages “where’s my order” “I’m waiting” when there was still over 12 hours to go.

Holy cow, what is up with people.