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Buyer with coupon affected my payment

I had a buyer who used a $10 coupon when paying for a $32 gig I performed for them. This was a general Fiverr coupon, not one that I gave her for my gigs. Somehow, I ended up taking the pay cut because the payment only came through as $20 (which is more than her coupon was even worth). Has anybody ever experienced something like this?


Yes, I’ve had it.

Let Fiverr CS know about it, giving them the details. The system automatically deducts it from the seller’s cut even though it shouldn’t. If you’re polite about it, they’ll tell you to contact them with the order is complete and they’ll reimburse you for the amount you’re owed.

I have never understood why Fiverr provides discounts… not even with the introduction of Pros. Worst off, provide them and affect our own payments.

Good luck!


I have never understood why Fiverr provides discounts

To give an incentive for people to buy. So they’d be more likely to buy something they would have have been less likely to buy at it’s normal price? So that once they’ve bought once they’ll hopefully continuing buying even when there’s no discount? Basically to encourage the buyer to buy, and they will likely think they’re getting a bargain at its discounted price.

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That may be, but if they do this, they need to design a system where the seller doesn’t have to contact CS about the matter. One would think it wouldn’t be hard but this is Fiverr after all …where simplicity becomes complex.


A better way to go about this is to offer Fiverr credits that can only be used on the site instead of discount coupons. That way sellers don’t have to bite the bullet.

I never had to deal with this but I hope I never have to.

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I never even knew that this is a thing. I guess it’s easy to not notice that you haven’t got the entire amount on an order?

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