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Buyer with multiple accounts (Scam Artist?)

I have 3 $5 orders from 3 different buyers, each of whom has used the same language, words or style to make the order. There is no doubt in my mind that it’s the same person. I’m going to report this buyer to customer support in a couple of days, after I have time. This could be a scammer who wants to threaten me with bad reviews later, or someone who plans to make a lot of orders on Fiverr using different accounts, only to open a PayPal dispute and get a lot of free work done. I don’t know, but if this isn’t a scam, I don’t know what is. I am just too busy right now, will collect evidence like a lawyer and present it to customer support later.

Also, the buyer’s nationality is U.S. according to their profile, but style, language and topics are very much Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi.

Yes, collect all evidence. Can you cancel the work before you do anything for them?

Did you check when their accounts were made?

No, I will let customer support cancel it for me. I am not going to communicate with the buyer. If customer support says they are legit, I will proceed with the order.

All made in July, 2016, I think

Okay. Good that you are vigilant. I like it when people are vigilant.

I get buyers like this. I just send a mutual cancellation request.

my customer send me threat by saysing this “i will contact to my lawyer” what should i do now ?

my customer send me threat by saysing this "i will contact to my lawyer what should i do now ?

Many of us just ignore them but its nice if we take an action against them and let the CS know about them…Its our duty and now i will also let the CS know if i come to know of any such buyers/sellers