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Buyer with Top Buyer in profile but has no reviews

Hello. I received a message from a buyer and when I checked her profile it shows she is a Top Buyer but has no reviews. What could be the reason of not having any review but still a Top Buyer?


I applied Occam’s razor to your question and the answer is, Buyer have never left review. :wink:

Just to explain it. In case Buyer do not leave review, Seller can not leave it too.

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Or, if her account is old enough for that, the last time she bought something was when sellers could not leave reviews for buyers at all, even when the buyer did leave a review.

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A “Top Buyer” messaged me for a job two days ago as well. He wanted multiple written content. When I checked his profile, there were no reviews. I did not take the job. Written works are not protected by Fiverr. No way to watermark it. So I won’t take a chance on a client who’s supposedly a Top Buy but has no reviews whatsoever. Had it been a graphic design or formatting job where I have more control over delivery, I would’ve taken chance. Otherwise, nope.

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