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Buyer With Unreasonable Demands


I just had a buyer order 4 of my ghost writing gigs. The turn around time for 1 gig is 10 days. When he submitted the information for the gig, he demanded that all 4 gigs be turned around in a maximum of 3 days. Exsqueeze me? There is no expedited delivery on this gig.

I’m the kind of guy who’s given to bouts of extreme profanity when I encounter immense stupidity, so it was difficult to come up with a professional response.

This is what I wrote:


I’m not sure if you noticed that 1 gig has a 10 day turn around time. You ordered 4 gigs. It’s really unfair to expect 40 days of work to be done in three days. There is not an expedited delivery extra for this gig. You can either accept the delivery time as stated when you ordered or you can feel free to cancel. I will not put other gigs ahead of you on hold to meet your unreasonable demands.

Thank you."

Did I do good?



Reply to @emasonwrites:

I’d even wager longer delivery times attract higher quality clients. Who would want to work for a client who expects 16k words in 3 days? No joke. Just saw a writer offering exactly that for $40.00. Those are the race-to-the-bottom feeders who don’t respect the time and creativity you put in their projects.


I’m also the type of person who has a temper for stupidity. I think you provided an excellent response. It’s clear and direct. There is no way for it to be misunderstood or disregarded.

Unless someone is blatantly rude to me (in which case I allow my Irish temper to freely flow through my fingers and onto my message lol) I usually provide a quick but civil response stating that it’s not going to happen. While I’m writing my civil response on Fiverr, I’m saying what I really want to say out loud in my office haha.


Shooot, I like it, the buyer may not. I think it was very civilized, compared to what could have been typed. I think you should have started it like this though:

“Exsqueeze me,

I’m not sure if you noticed that 1 gig has a 10 day turn around time.”



Well, it doesn’t contain profanity! That’s a ‘plus’~! ~lol~ I think it’s a tad rough, but then I love a good sarcastic comment (and I’m always pissing some people off here on the forums because my national heritage is 1/2 cynical, 1/2 sarcastic and I have the language on my keyboard).

You said what you needed to say, it’s not overly harsh. I think depending on his mood at the moment, he can take it or leave it, and you can’t be accused of “rude or abusive” language~

That’s my opinion, and I’m stickin’ to it.


You did good, man. You did good. Totes don’t have fast delivery on my gigs either.


I think that’s a great response! Very professional, not too pushy, but very firm.

When I have people who say “I need this is two days,” when my gig clearly has a twenty-day delivery time, my canned answer is: "I’m afraid my turnaround time is currently X days. If you need your order in a shorter amount of time, I would be happy to cancel this order and let you find a seller who has a shorter lead time. Thanks!"

Sometimes I do feel the need to need to add something about how the stated delivery time on my gigs is 20 days, “as you can see on the order page.”


My wife just told me that I have earned the right to call myself the "Ruler of the Islan Nation of Passivagressiva with this cancellation request:

"The buyer purchased 4 gigs each with a 10 day turn around time. The buyer demanded that all 4 gigs be completed in 3 days. There is no expedited delivery option on my ghost writing gig. I personally would not want work from someone who could kick out 4000 words in 3 days. There would be no time for editing or any form of quality assurance for that matter. By the customer’s request, I am asking this order be cancelled. I do feel that because of the customer’s unreasonable demands and unprofessional conduct he should be the one making the cancellation request, but since he is not willing to do so I am doing it just to get him out of my hair so I can finish gigs for appreciative customers. This way the customer can feel free to find someone with a shorter lead time who will more than likely provide work of a much lower quality.

Thank you!"

lol All that and no profanity. I am going to treat myself with a cookie :slight_smile:


Reply to @edwriter: You’re totally right. Buyers complain that my expedited option (when it’s open), is too expensive, and that my normal turnaround time is too long. Sometimes I just want to fire back that if they want something stolen or spun with a program, they’re free to go to someone else. If they want something real and high-quality, it takes time.

The funny part is that about 75% of the time, they say something like, “Oh, thanks for letting me know. I’ll just wait,” if I tell them they’re welcome to cancel and try to find someone else. Sure, there are plenty of other awesome writers on this website, but only a very, very few that have that kind of rapid turnaround and don’t charge through the nose for it.


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