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Buyer with weird demands

So after a dry period, I got a new order out of nowhere. Which normally would be good, but in this case, I’m not so sure.
In this particular gig, I didn’t put “contact me before placing an order”, as I don’t feel it’s necessary. But I do expect people to read the gig description. The client’s demands simply don’t match the gig description. I will need to do some testing so see if I even can deliver in the buyer’s specific format. He also want it quick, and didn’t bother buying the express delivery option.

Is there any point contacting CS? I’m not sure they will be able to get back to me in time, and even if they do, cancelling the gig still might affect my rating.
I’m not really sure if there is anything I can do short of cancelling the gig myself.

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Hi there.

Sorry to hear this.
Based on my experience…, buyer with “quick delivery”, and not willing to contact seller usually end-up as a bad buyer.

If you want to cancel this order, you can click “open dispute” and choose for cancellation with mutual agreement. If your buyer accept it…, then the order will cancelled —> lose completion rate.
Better to lose some completion rate than got 1 star rate from a bad buyer :slight_smile:

I’d cancel.

I would rather have an impact on my response/completion rate (which it just temporary, anyway) than have to try to deal with what is sounding like could develop into a difficult Buyer.

You have to remember, your mental health is far more important than money.


Placing such a requirement or disclaimer on a gig won’t stop orders from out of the blue with no prior communication.

If the order does not match the service you require, that is grounds to request a cancellation either agreed upon by both you and the buyer, or facilitated with the assistance of CS, but they will still require you to contact the buyer and mention your desire to cancel the order.

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I have no intention to proceed with this order. I was just wondering if there is a point in contacting CS at all, as this is an unfair situation (one of many in this forum), and if I do the cancelation myself via the resolution center it will impact my rating. If CS does it, there is a chance there won’t be negative effect on me, but I’m just not sure they will answer in time, or take my side. As you said, they might require me to sort it out with the buyer first.

If you read my response you would note that any impact on your rating is TEMPORARY.

It’s not that big a deal.

The completion rate hit is indeed temporary, but the negative impact on gig performance and visibility can linger for quite some time.

@frank_d alluded to recently that a cancellation might be worse than a less than 5 star review in terms of Fiverr’s internal private assessment of a gig.


@yogevsharabi dont work for complicated people… Is a big problem…
just my humble opinion… @vivi123