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Buyer won't accept the order

Buyer ordered something and provided me references of the work she wanted. I created the graphics in a similar style to what she is looking for. Now she told me that my work was bland and something she could do on Microsoft word and won’t accept my delivery. This isn’t a site where people attempt to do what you’re looking for and you pay them if you like it, you order work and you pay for it.

I’m having an issue with another buyer not communicating with me now too. The order is 18 hours late because the buyer wouldn’t respond to me. I delivered the work and they requested a revision, then gave me a ton of vague adjectives describing what they wanted (which is what I thought I had done). I asked for reference images of branding so I could understand and they provided me three completely different graphics from google and didn’t answer any of my questions. I tried to use the resolution centre but they wouldn’t accept my request for more time.

I don’t know what to do.


Talk to Fiverr support for help, as this isnt something you can handle

Try the customer support help center

Thanks for the suggestions. I plan on contacting fiverr support about the one who won’t answer my questions about revisions. The one who won’t accept my delivery, I’ll probably just wait for the order to auto complete since there isn’t anything I can do. I just wanted to rant about what’s happening on here since it’s annoying me.

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You sound quite unlucky and the situation sounds like the buyers are working up a case to get free work. Definitely contact customer support

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Don’t cancel the order. The buyer violates the TERMS OF SERVICES:

  • Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the Seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig Page.

THANK YOU! I was looking through the terms of service to see if there’s anything that protects me here, as the buyer who made the branding order and won’t respond has asked if she can cancel the order. I did deliver the order exactly as described and I am really just hoping to get paid and be done with this.


I have one client that are trying to cancel and get all my project for free. And i read all terms of services. I recommend you to read the terms of services, and send for your buyer this terms

I skimmed through them but I am now reading them thoroughly so I know what to do in this situation and any future situations like it.

I want to thank everyone for their suggestions. I have contacted the first buyer and will now just let the order get auto closed in 3 days.

As for the second buyer mentioned; They refused my request to extend the time and opened a dispute to cancel the order, stating that the work was delivered but I was not taking their suggestions. I refused their cancellation request and cancelled customer support about their violation of the TOS. Hopefully I can just get this closed so it won’t affect my cancellation rate, I don’t even care if I get paid at this point.

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Contact with fiverr customer support they will help.