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Buyer won't accept work until I increase word count

Hello! I had a buyer purchase a $5/500 word gig. I supplied a 501 word article, and buyer is asking that I add 100 words before he/she accepts. Do I have any course of action that doesn’t affect my account? Thanks!


I would tell him that you already provided what is included in your gig. And if he wants more words it will cost $5 more for up to 500 words more.

DO NOT give him what he asks for. Buyers like this are :imp:s and are trying to get more work for $0. If you give him what he asks for he will tell his friends that you are a :lollipop: and can be manipulated to give free work.

You may get a less that 5 :star: review, but if so you can defend yourself by writing a rebuttal that the seller asked for more work outside of the scope of your gig and did not want to pay for it.


As a freelance writer myself, my Gigs clearly state “up to 500 words” or “up to 1,000 words.”

I’ve delivered work in the 400 word range (for a 500-word job) and have had no issues.

Sometimes (for a good client) I’ve gone over the word count.

Don’t let a Buyer bully you.


This is helpful, thanks! As usual, he keeps saying “on future orders…” A lot of buyers say this, but I absolutely don’t want to take future orders from this buyer. Is there a way I can block him from requesting future orders? (Unlikely, but just in case!) I looked for a “block” button on hi profile, but perhaps I’m missing something. Thanks again!


I have faced buyers like these , two of them actually , i think we as a seller don’t have any option to discard their request without harming our account . Order cancellation or bad review or bad private review from these kind of sellers ulitmately affects our account , nothing we can do to avoid it except what they ask , just deliver them, Its my opinion only , it does not mean i am correct.

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Hi Wellsbeing,

it’s useless to create tension and bad feeling in a work relationship most of the time, in your case, for sure.
Start from the idea that both of the parties involved wants to always maximize their benefits and that professionalism and objectivity are the tools that both parties must use to achieve the best benefits.

Assuming that both of you are in good faith, you can simply state what objectivity is telling you: the service is $5 for 500 word gig, the clients has the right to wants more and you have the right to be paid more.

You can use the option “Offer More Extras” in the Order Space that will allows you to present to the client the budget of the extra work required.

I look forward to hear news from you,

Mix Jones

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When you block him, he won’t be able to order from you or message you! Do you need helping finding the block button?


The block button shows up after at least one order from that buyer is either completed or cancelled.


Aha! I delivered the revision today. Bracing for impact on how many starts he’ll give me. Unlikely he’ll be back, but I don’t want to risk it!
PS: THANKS everyone! I really :heart: Fiverr!


For me, i would say since you both agreed for $5/500 word which you delivered as you just said your job is done there but for extra credit, you can do as your client said remember they are special and deserve to be treated well…` My own view though what do you guys thinks on this?

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