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Buyer won't agree to cancel order


I am having a problem with a buyer. He sent me a very short document of approximately 200 words and asked if I could proofread this gig. It was a poorly translated document and my gig clearly indicates that I charge extra for such documents, but since the document was very short I agreed to do it. He then ordered the gig and sent me a document of almost 1500 words. I tried to cancel the order because of this reason, but he declined the cancelation.
What do I do now?


Be polite and firm and re-send a “Mutual Cancellation” with a neutral statement saying buyer’s requirements exceed what the gig offers at the price… etc.

At the same time take screenshots of the previous exchanges and declines and open a ticket with customer support.


I would suggest trying to find a compromise. Send them a custom extra for whatever amount is reasonable and say you can do the work when they pay the extra. Point them to your gig description which clearly explains what you have said above so they have no real argument.
If this doesn’t work then what DJ says above is probably the way to go.


And if all of the above don’t work, keep delivering an empty gig to the buyer until he realizes you mean business.


@rainny_writer, Not a smart move.
What if the buyer stamps you with a 1 star review?


Then the case goes to the mighty CS once again, this time for a change of review, citing both your discussion with the client and your previously opened ticket with them.

But, yeah… that’s a risk. I think every action you take in such a case is actually a risk. It all depends on how much time you’ve got for games…


That’s a violation of the Terms of Service, and is highly unlikely to help.


So, what do you possibly do when this buyer refuses a cancellation, refuses price increment, and you find CS telling you to work it out amicably. Meanwhile, keep in mind that the delivery timer is counting and has a major effect on your gig ranking.

It probably is a violation of the ToS, but in the heat of the moment, I just might fall back to that. I’d prefer never to encounter such anyway.


For your information, CS cleared it to me that they don’t have the capability to change the review given by the buyer.

Btw as @catwriter pointed out, they will perhaps ban you first for the ToS violation.

That isn’t true. CS will cancel the order for you in these cases. :slight_smile:


Is it the same document, just longer? Maybe you could do the first 200 words and tell him that was the agreed-upon arrangement,so that is all you can do.


Be polite, follow buyer instruction and understand him whats the reason of cancellation or try to best work if possible. I think buyer will help you for her work and the next time work. Every time buyer also try to understand us. So create good relation. It will help you.


I’ve got a buyer who is trying to underbuy a project. Basically looking for a 75% discount on voiceover. I explained to him repeatedly that my rat card hasn’t changed, and that he is asking for much more audio than my rate card clearly lists. He replies with a “do it for me cheap, then I’ll pay regular price next time” excuse (we’ve all seen those, haven’t we?). I ask, once again, to pay full price, or cancel the order. He chooses to remain silent. So, hours later, I move to cancel the order. Fiverr does not allow me to do so, unless mutually agreed to by buyer and seller. The buyer declines to cancel the order. How can I proceed? How can I cancel this order, and block the buyer from doing this to me again?


You can just wait 3 days and if they would decline cancellation request it will just be just automatically marked cancelled.

If they still refuse to cancel you can contact fiverr customer support and ask them to cancel it on your behalf.


Well, I think the best line of action is to involve Support… Open a ticket and leave detailed complaint with proof of the buyer’s sly tactics. I think that should at least shield you from a bad rating but it may affect your completed orders stat. :slight_smile:


Just contact CS with clear axplanation and don’t deliver an empty gig like someone above mentioned. Let the CS handle it, they are good at this. And remember to present neatly to save their some time. You do nothing wrong so no need to worry.