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Buyer won't agree to cancel the order

hello there, I normally have great experiences with buyers, but the last buyer order the basic version of my gig and then sent a revision request asking for not only the full video which would be the premium version but the full hd quality extra, stating that other buyers do it for just 5 dollars, I explained that if he had read the description he would have seen that this would have costed more, and I ended my message with “nice try”, he got very upset because of the “nice try” part, and told me that he reported me to fiverr because I was unpolite, to resolve the situation I just sent a cancellation request, but he is denying that and said “let’s fiverr deal with it” , I wrote fiverr customer service 4 days ago to ask to cancel the gig but still nothing. What can I do? also my other question is, if it’s not a mutual cancellation agreement but if it’s fiverr to cancel the order under my request, can he still give me a negative feedback?


You shouldn’t have done that. It’s unprofessional, and once CS sees the buyer’s ticket (if he really reported you; if not, once they see your ticket and check the orderand the communication), you could get in trouble because of it.

Once the order is cancelled, it’s not possible to leave a review.


I know but he was extremely aggressive in his message, I guess if a buyer is a jerk we still need to try to be polite to avoid getting in trouble. If the gig is cancelled by fiverr and not by mutual cancellation though are you sure he won’t be able to leave a negative feedback?

As far as I know, there’s no way to leave a feedback after the order was cancelled, no matter how it was cancelled (unless it’s the late delivery).

Getting a warning for being unprofessional would be a bigger problem here, especially since it wouldn’t be your first warning.


Fiverr is slow to respond as of late. I think they are short staffed due to the pandemic. This is a common theme, with some buyers. I don’t think ‘nice try’ was rude. Could easily be said with a wink and a smile. If they want a different service they need to pay for it. Canceling was the right move with a buyer like this. I’m confident Fiverr will help you out and cancel it for you.

Can’t review a canceled gig.


Me neither. However, it wasn’t a smart move. The buyer could have said “oh ok, sorry”, accept the delivery and then leave a horrible review because of that…

Why would you antagonize your client like that, @antonio26900


Hey @antonio26900

Regardless of what the buyer said in their message, it is unprofessional to say something like that.

Not because what you said is the worst thing one can say, but because being a professional means not to engage emotionally in a transactional relationship.

We’ve all been there, and I have to say from personal experience that when you notice that a client starts behaving a certain way, antagonizing them is not the way to go.

Worst case scenario:
Fiverr closes the order so the buyer can leave a review. They will also make sure you know what to not say again.

Best case scenario:
They cancel the order but you will probably stop getting orders for a while as the buyer can still take a survey about the cancellation reasons.

As someone who is also in the video category, let me give you the following advice if you want to take it.

Offering a half of a product for $5 and the full service for $15, used to work back in 2013 because that’s what we had to do to get orders in. And because we were limited to $5.

Now you can set your own price and avoid all this bait n switch nonsense. Like you really need more $ to export a template in 1920x1080 vs 1280x720?

Also this very thing is what had your buyer feel that way in the first place. He was frustrated that he was getting something less.

If you feel like your work is worth $15, set that price from the start and figure out how to add more value to the premium package so you can charge $50.


I don’t think I had warnings before? I have thousands of positive reviews and all my buyers thankfully have been very nice so far, this is a first for me… but I learned my lesson, if a buyer is incredibly rude and ask unreasonable demands I have to show the other cheek I guess, otherwise it goes against me.

i have apologized a million times, he tries to argue in every way he can and he said he reported me so I guess the damage is done anyway. I have thousands of 5 stars reviews so hopefully one bad buyer won’t ruin my fiverr profile. But yeah I totally learned my lesson here, next time a buyer is crazy I will show the other cheek, it’s not worth to react , thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

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What about this one?

Not necessarily, just stay professional at all times, so that there’s nothing he can report you for.

ah yes but that was a different situation, it was a bad review, anyway, the situation got resolved. I had to offer the buyer the premium version and a few extras all for free only to get him to agree to cancel. Is there a way I can now block him to prevent future orders? I can’t find this option…

ok I managed to block the buyer, I hope this nightmare is over :stuck_out_tongue:

First of all, you should not reply to them like that. According to me, in this kind of situations, you have 3 options only:

  1. Ask them to pay extra for the extra work.
  2. Cancel the order because you both could not agree on the price.
  3. Do the extra work to make them happy and to save your account from cancellation.

It seems like you have cancelled the order and have blocked them. But if they would have reported you about this behavior then CS may take action when they will read their ticket.

For blocking any user you can block them from their profile or you can also block them through messages by using report option.