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Buyer wont agree!

Seriously… what the heck?
The buyer sent me the picture and told me to add four balconies to it!
Once I was done I sent him the work and he keeps on asking for revisions!
He says he needs a balcony on the top!

You can clearly see that there is already a balcony there then does he keeps on asking for revisions?

Can you ask them to circle the area they want you to add the balcony to? Or was it them who added the red circle and the arrow literally on top of the balcony that is there?


It was me, i added the circle and showed it to him, there are only 3 hours left and he wont reply!
I delivered him the updated version in which i made the lighting better so maybe he can have a better look at it

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Did you use the deliver now button to send the files? Because if you did and you did send them on time the first time, it’s irrelevant how many hours do you have left in the timer. The order will count as delivered on time.