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Buyer won't answer me - what to do?

Hi - my buyer ordered two days ago and sent a message with it asking what form to send his manuscript in. I answered him right away, telling him how to do it. It’s been 2 days and he hasn’t answered any of my messages, checking in nicely about his manuscripts. Yesterday I sent a message giving him options, such as we can cancel if you’re not ready otherwise please send them and I’ll request a time extension etc. He hasn’t answered, I have 7 ish days til delivery date and I absolutely won’t be able to deliver without the manuscript (obviously). Additionally, Fiverr says he hasn’t been seen since 2 days ago. What should I do? Contact support? Cancel? Wait a little longer? I would really appreciate some advice, this is my first order on Fiverr and I don’t know what the best course of action is.


Hi, have you tried the resolution centre? You can either ask for more time to complete the order or for the order to be canceled there.

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Don’t forget that there is the possibility that the Buyer has encountered a family emergency and has been away as a result.

I’d give the Buyer a couple more days then go to the Resolution Center and request a time extension.

Maybe that will get a response from your Buyer.


You’ve had some good advice already.

Here’s some other advice. It’s best not to use a fake profile photo. It doesn’t build trust.

The image you’ve used is widely traceable online. Either use your real image or find yourself a logo.


I once had someone like that. He later came back on the delivery date, apologized and asked me to extend the time. We ended well and he left me a tip for my troubles - in his words.

Just wait a little longer before contacting support to cancel the order.

I hope this helps?

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You really should use the Requirements section of the Gig to ensure that Buyer HAS to send the info and materials you need to do their job.

If they don’t fill these is your timer doesn’t start. If they send garbage instead, you can deliver from that and they have no real right to complain as that is what they said they wanted from their job and you delivered.


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Thanks for the advice! One question if you don’t mind - is it better for rankings to extend the time or to cancel and reorder? Thanks again:)

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Let give him few more time…

Oh! Sorry, I just saw this now. Don’t know if the answer has been overtaken by events?

That is incorrect.

This is the second reply of yours I need to respond to within minutes due to your inaccuracies.

You get an automated 1-star review if you never deliver on the order and 48 hours pass after the original deadline.

There’s also no way to extend the deadline without the buyer agreeing to it.

I think you need to read ToS AND the sellers guide on the help center before replying to any more posts with advice.