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Buyer won't complete old orders and keeps asking for modifications

I offer a fashion illustrations gig and have been selling for a few months. But I have a buyer right now who isn’t completing orders despite that fact that they are clearly able to and have been messaging me since the order was completed. They asked for 2 modifications on 2 orders which I did, but now is asking for another revision and when the ‘inspiration’ sketch was sent it was completely different to the original ones.

At first I thought that maybe they didn’t sketch their ideas well which could be why it didn’t look the same. But now I’m thinking that maybe they did this to get an extra sketch for free. They said that if they ‘had to’ they will pay an extra $5 for this new revision which I said I would be grateful for given the fact that each time a modification is asked for, I have to draw the entire thing again.

Now this new order has been placed but the old ones (2 orders) still only say ‘delivered’ which is slightly worrying as I know that they have seen the orders if they’re making requests for modifications.

I don’t know what to do about this buyer or how (what I’m expecting will be) a negative review will impact my gig.

Any advice?

If you’ve delivered the orders and they haven’t declined them, then that’s fine. The customer doesn’t need to do anything, they’ll complete by themselves (Fiverr system will mark the order as complete in a few days).

By them accepting, it means they can leave feedback immediately and the funds start to transfer over to you immediately. However, a large portion of customers don’t accept delivery and the order sits there for 2-3 days until it completes itself.

Regarding the frustration of the customer asking for revisions - Well, that just happens with design and illustration gigs. A huge portion of customers simply don’t know what they want and the designer is obligated to make changes unless you initiate a cancellation on the order.


If you afraid for a negative feedback you will always have those king of buyer. You just have to have more description in your gig

and also when you deliver the gig always ask them to complete it

It seems to me you have two options here - let the two gigs autocomplete in 3 days as scheduled and finish the revision on time OR initiate mutual cancellation if you feel that the buyer is wasting your time.

I have a line in the sand where I decide the buyer is more trouble than they are worth. Mutual cancellation doesn’t let the buyer leave feedback, which is good if you feel that they will never be satisfied with your work despite numerous modifications.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

I’m having the same issue now. Revision after revision. What should have been a one day project turned into a week long project with more changes wanted on the horizon. It’s a shame, a $100 gig and way too much effort down the drain, but if they don’t accept the gig, what can you do? Will Fiverr review the project and decide who’s in the right?