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Buyer won't let me cancel the order

Buyer placed the order before contacting me, I gave him the leverage as he seemed to be a new buyer on fiverr. I messaged him to fill out the requirements so i can start the order, but after aroound 3-4 days and tons of messages from my side he fills out the requirements stating ‘sorry for the wait, will tell you tonight’. And that tonight never came.

The buyer is extremely unresponsive, and the order completion time of my gig is 3 days and after almost 2 and a half days, he sends a message consisting of 3 paragraphs stating requirements which were still vague. Meanwhile, in between all of the wait i messaged him to reply me or tell me if he need help using fiverr and he didnt even bother to respond to any messages while being online most of th times

I told him that i cannot work like this, and wanted mutual cancellation, He’s not accepting any mutual cancellations or my request to extend time, He’s a real headache for me, as he is highly unresponsive and only responds to my cancellation requests that too when they are about to take affect (literally one hour before when the order is about to automatically get cancelled)

I have contacted fiverr support but the are busy with other queries at the moment, client placed the order on 13th August and now its 26th and the order is 6 days late. The buyer has no regard for the seller and nor is responding to my messages to tell me the clear requirements or cancelling the order. I’m very confuded and don’t know what to do as im new to fiverr and have only completed 2 orders successfully. Kindly help if anyone of you know what’s best for me to do. Thanks

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Please be patient. Fiverr will get to it eventually.