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Buyer won't pay

Hello, I am new on fiverr. I am Graphics Designer, I received my first order on 19 Sept about two weeks back from now . I completed it and the buyer told me to do another one after that another one. After I had completed all three of these orders (1st in one day, 2nd in two days,third in 4 days), I asked the buyer if he wants to pay now, and he said yes. I sent him a custom offer and he did not accept it. And is not replying now, He is online but not replying. Through out our acquaintance, Whenever I talked about payment he just ignored it and talked about reviews,effects etc. And of course, I did not try to get him to pay. After I completed my first order, I sent him a custom offer on which we had agreed earlier and he didn’t accept(Just Ignored it). And then after the second one, I sent him an offer again which he didn’t accept again(Ignored it). And now after the completion of third one he is not replying. I have done about 2 dozens of reviews for these orders. Please help me, I have just started Working and I am frustrated.

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Never do any work without getting an order before you start.

It’s the only way to make sure you get paid.


Never do any work before they have paid for the order and it’s counting down. The idea with Fiverr is that the buyer makes an order, the timer starts, you deliver, and the buyer accept the delivery. You should never deliver or do any work before the order is active.


Thank you for replying.
Can you suggest what I should do now?

I hate to tell you this but you were swindled.

There are terrible people out here in the world who take advantage of — technically, steal work. They were never going to pay.

There is nothing customer support can do since payment wasn’t processed. You can try contacting CS to see if they’d consider banning this scam buyer. It’s a long shot but chances are he’s done this to others & support may want to rid of him.

It’s okay to discuss via inbox but never deliver anything there and don’t do work until you’ve been paid.


Chalk it down to experience, and move on.

Just make sure you get orders before you start in the future.

I have sent completed files to him. But with a huge “Fiverr” Water mark on all of them. Since they are Ads, he can’t use them anywhere. Whats the point of wasting his time and mine in all this? :frowning:

Smart move!!

Good job on the watermark! :slight_smile::grinning:

There was someone who never noticed the watermark until they went to print & it showed clear as day. In your case, the buyer will have no one to complain to.

The ultimate revenge! :grinning::joy::gift:


He showed up yesterday, payed his bills and gave me 5 stars on 3 orders.
Will be careful next time.
Thank you all for your help, Cheers!


Really glad this worked out for you!

But on the future PLEASE place orders before sending work.


Experiencing what you went through and would like to watermark the tasks too

Firstly, you didnt come to the agreement with him properly, Maybe, he is pretending as if he didnt give you any orders. And you are wasting your time. This must be the reason.
You should see him as a spam. And never take his orders again. If he didn`t pay before,
he will never pay again.