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Buyer won't read and listen

The problem that I facing is that the buyer doesn’t read the instruction that I have written in my gig
Because due to my services, I need the buyer to contact me before ordering it. I had clearly written on the description with highlight and even my the gig description. But they won’t listen , they just order straight away. I don’t want any cancelled order just because the buyer don’t read my description

So, what can be done with these buyers or any way to improve it? ( I know it’s quite common)

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Hi there,

I got similar experience once before, turn out to be very bad experience.
After while, i decide to add the delivery time longer…,
so people will inbox first, at least ask about the delivery time :slight_smile:

Minus= Less Order
Positive= Get Big Order and Many Professional Buyer

Wish you luck,

Best regards,
Ridwan Sugi