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Buyer won't respond - need help


I have had success gigs with great reviews. I enjoy delivering service and ensuring customers are happy. I started a new gig and my first customer gave me a very low rating although I submitted drafts for review and tried to secure the information he desired. I contacted the buyer to refund his money and asked him to remove the negative review. He is not responding. I would like to continue with this gig. Any suggestions on how I can resolve this? Fiverr said I had 72 hours to resolve with the buyer. I saw his review two days layer, which is 48 hours. When I tried to resolve the system would not let me do so. Wasn’t aware of the 72 hour limit. A negative review on a new gig can cause problems. Any recommendations? Has anyone faced a similar situation?


Since you have a good number of reviews already, one bad one isn’t going to really hurt you. You could get yourself in a worse situation by continuing to contact an unhappy buyer. You are lucky that CS didn’t get on you for offering to trade a refund for review removal, since that’s against the current policy.

The buyer seems to be unhappy because you were late in delivering. I would suggest you just let it go, move forward, and get some more good reviews. The one poor one will be quickly buried and buyers aren’t going to be overly affected by an occasional negative. Be sure you are timely with deliveries and if you need extra time, use the resolution center to request extra time to be sure a buyer is fully aware of the situation. Good luck!


Thanks for your reply. The Fiverr representative Susan stated that I had an opportunity to refund the buyer his money. But, I missed the 72 hour deadline. I have received different responses from Fiverr concerning this issue. Also, I would never trade a refund to remove a bad review. The buyer was unhappy and I wanted to refund his money. If there is a refund, there should be no review. In the past Fiverr allowed this with a previous buyer with no problem.


I know, it’s tough now that it’s changed. The policy is fairly new. Fiverr no longer removes reviews even if a refund is given. The only time they will remove a review is if the buyer violated the Terms of Service. You are right that they used to have a different policy where reviews were removed after a refund, but they don’t do that anymore.

Very Angry at Rude and ungrateful buyer

This is not good. A competitor could easily attempt to sabatoge a good seller’s work. Some buyers can never be satisfied and only want to drag down your work or complain in order to receive more work for free. This is wrong.


If someone tried to repeatedly order from you, review you and cancel, that would be against the Fiverr Terms of Service. You could report that to CS and have the reviews removed. If a buyer just wants to post an honest review, though, CS is likely to leave it alone.


Today I had a buyer who gave me 2 stars rating.
Why? Because the font size I used to write a phone no. was too small.
They did not even bother to ask for a revision and straight away gave me a negative rating.
This includes 2 stars on communication, although I acknowledged the order requirements and also delivered the order well before the deadline.
Service as described 3 stars, the service delivered was just as shown in my gig video.
Buy again or recommend 1 star, I don’t understand why 1 star for a dissatisfaction over a font size.
I clearly mention even in my delivery message that they can ask for a revision if they are not satisfied with the delivery.
I even sent them a new video and used the review feedback request from resolution center.
After I sent him a new video he simply said thank you and gave me a thumbs up but simply neglected my request.


The rules should change with a balance between buyer and seller. You should have received a much better review for your work and professionalism in wanting to please the customer. I am convinced that some buyers are competitors in disguise or they simply want to get as much additional work as possible. If so, the seller and entire company suffers. When you reached out to the buyer for a video resolution Fiverr should require the buyer to respond. If the buyer does not respond, then the order is cancelled with no negative review. I had another gig that was doing well and one negative review stopped all future orders. I never received another order no matter how many positive reviews I’d previously received. You work hard to please the customer and the company rewards you by allowing unfounded negative reviews stay posted on your site, thus impacting your income.


I’m referring to people who purposefully order from you just to complain and provide a negative review. That does happen. No matter how many positive reviews you receive, one negative review can destroy a person’s gig because that review is the first thing other buyers see. Your policy should be balanced and allow the buyer mire time to respond to negative reviews and try to reach a resolution. I honestly did not see this buyer’s 1.7 review until two days later. I was waiting for the response to ensure more revisions were not needed. Fiverr now has a dual inbox and message box. You have to toggle back and forth to catch messages and other discussions.


I really feel that its unfair for me to have a negative rating for something I didn’t deserve at all.
I mean why would someone rate me 2 star for communication whereas I contacted the buyer acknowledging the receipt of their content, 3 stars for delivering exactly as described in my gig and 1 star for recommended? Why? Its not like I gave you something entirely different than what I promised in my gig.
I understand your situation, sometimes 1 bad rating can seriously affect your gig position and visibility.


Most Top Rated Sellers even have a few negative reviews. Some have dozens of 1 star reviews. In an honest business place, not every buyer is going to give you a 5 star review. A negative review won’t destroy your gig if you have established a good reputation and have other positive ones. It has been a problem on Fiverr that people have felt so pressured to give and receive perfect reviews every time, but that is not realistic.

I understand your feelings, but the current review policy will improve the marketplace. If someone purposefully orders from you to leave a negative review and you deliver what you promised, you get to keep the funds. Competitors can’t afford to keep doing that over and over. If you have proof they are doing it just to hurt you, you can send that info to Customer Support and they can help you.

Nothing on Fiverr is my policy. I am just a seller like you. Fiverr staff creates policy, not me. I do agree with their policy on feedback. Some other sellers agree also and some do not. The discussion is always welcome on the forum unless the forum rules are broken. :slight_smile:


This is not good policy fir customer relations. If the buyer and seller want to cancel on their agreed upon terms they should be allowed to do so. When someone gives my gig service a one they are really not satisfied, should have their money returned and Amy negative review erased. Don’t force the buyer to pay if they are not satisfied. Just like Lowes, Home Depot or any other place where customer service is priority. When the customer’s funds have been returned that should be the end of it. For an online service no negative reviews should be accepted because the customer received their funding returned.


Thanks for sharing on this forum. You will continue to be successful.


its same goes to me too. I’ve done 3 works with different buyers. But they won’t rate me, even I delivered the work earlier and work with professional.


I have recently delivered 2 orders and the buyer takes the files and end of the story. They dont respond and dont even bother to give reviews. Im sick of these kind of buyers. In the end the seller is getting money but no reviews so your gig will start at the same place.

Fiverr should so something with this system. Im planning to exclude the source files from the gig and once the order is cleared with reviews then i will send the files via inbox.

This is the only idea i got to take reviews from non responsive buyer.


You cannot hold part of the delivery hostage to force a review. You might want to read the feedback policies and rethink.


Then what’s solution to this issue. If we can’t force the buyer then they will just fly away with the files and sellers don’t get feedback. We got the money but our gig will go down due to no reviews.