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Buyer Won't Respond or Complete Order


I have 2 hours until the buyer needs to mark my delivery as complete (at least that’s how I think it works). I have messaged them 3 times with a revision (as they wanted the order last night yet never responded), and 2 other times to nicely remind them to mark it as complete since I finally went ahead and delivered the corrected photo despite them not informing me if it was to their liking.

I’m new to fiverr, so will this affect my rating if they don’t mark it as completed?


Don’t do that, it can get you in trouble.

If you delivered work (or delivered revision) then you are fine. Order will be autocompleted in 3 days if buyer doesn’t mark it as completed before.


Don’t do what?

Thanks for letting me know about the autocomplete.


Don’t keep messaging your buyer after you’ve delivered. :wink:


Like @offlinehelpers said…

Buyer can be annoyed by this and he/she can rate you much less they you actually deserved.

One message on delivery page is fine. You can always write something like this “Here is your order, if you need anything else, I am here, thank you”


Ok, thank you! :blush: I messaged them prior to delivering to see if they were ok with the revision and then once again to tell them they I was giving them their delivery (quick response statement) as I still had not heard back from them, and i knew they wanted the photo by last night. The third time was a brief message with trying to help them complete the delivery as they were new to fiverr.


Hi tiptopteeshop, yes this is typical, I have delivered my work without a response, but after three days it get automatically marked completed, so don’t worry, you get paid. Have a great day!


The order will complete automatically and it will not leave a negative mark on your score, don’t worry.


From my point of view the reason why the buyer doesn’t respond for the delivery/revision :

  • the buyer is actually waiting for the respond of his client, so he’s a reseller in this case and has to wait for his client’s OK, your buyer’s respond might be late or never comes
  • the buyer has no device that supports the delivery format ( i had faced this before when a client didn’t has his computer to see an animation i made, so he asked me for revision at inbox four days later )
  • the buyer hasn’t time to respond :stuck_out_tongue: or maybe totaly forgot about the order in case he has dozens of orders.
  • the buyer just doesn’t want to respond.

Still Best thing to do as said is to write just one message stating that you delivred. nothing more.
Thank you