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Buyer won't send revisions

Hi Everyone,

I am currently working on an order that I submitted for review a few days ago (with still two days left on the timer). The buyer requested revisions but basically just said their boss is still reviewing it, and they’ll get back to me shortly. That was two days ago and I still didn’t get the requested revisions. I personally don’t mind waiting and understand that they did that because Fiverr marks an order automatically as completed after 3 days, but I am just wondering if this will somehow negatively affect my rating or the way my gigs show up in searches? The timer just lights up in red now saying “LATE” and I know to Fiverr it must look like I haven’t done any revisions for the past two days, even though there’s nothing I can do right now. I hope this makes sense lol.

Grateful for any experience on this!


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Once an order is submitted through the Delivery button, the ‘late’ doesn’t actually matter.

You should reach out to the buyer and ask when they expect to get a review from their ‘boss’. If they don’t reply in 72 hours, then redeliver the order. If they do reply but don’t give a timeframe, redeliver the order. If they do give you a time, redeliver the order on that day.