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Buyer won't upgrade, refuses to cancel [RESOLVED]

I hate this! I know he won’t get what he wants for the 5.00 gig. I will deliver it and up up with negative comments… but he won’t cancel it either. I enjoy 98% of my work but this week has been full of jerks! I wish there was some way of approving orders before the clock started ticking OR you could cancel orders without approval or getting back feedback. I’m frustrated.

He’s declined. He is accusing me of doing nothing at the 5.00 range… I do not want to work for this buyer. If I complete this work, it will NOT suite his needs and I will end up with negative feedback because he doesn’t feel like his ideas is more complex. It’s so frustrating.

His idea of simple and my idea of simple are different. That’s where the problem lies. He wants words created in 3d childrens blocks. He compared it to my simple heart and crown doodle, which I do not agree are the same… and I ask that if people have questions to contact me before.

There is only 17 hours left now.

I guess I will just have to eat the feedback. I have no idea what to do. It’s so sucky to be so upset over something I make 4.00 on, lol

I agree, send a cancellation request again. And make sure to contact support and make them aware the buyer is refusing to agree to a cancellation. Tell them you don’t wish to work with this client. They should be able to cancel it for you.

Good luck!

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I agree with what has already been said, I had one yesterday asking for over and above what was advertised, if they cannot accept your terms its just is not worth the hassle.

Reply to @gailbunning: Had the same thing happen to me and I knew he would dump me if I didn’t give him upgrades. He did exactly as I predicted and when Fiverr removed his petty rating he did it again. There is nothing you can do except take the bad rating. If he refuses to cancel, you can either refuse to deliver anything (which will force him to cancel-he was going to tank your rating anyway) but he doesn’t get your free work or you can deliver and take the bad rating.

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Refusing to cancel, I am so frustrated.

I had a buyer who refused to mutually cancel the first time. It was someone who ordered my gig without contacting me first and their message to me after ordering was a list of things I stated clearly in my gig that I don’t (and won’t) do.

I thanked them for ordering and politely explained that unfortunately, the task they want isn’t included in the gig they ordered and isn’t something I provide in general, so I’d gladly do a mutual cancellation to refund their money. This was before that fee started being charged, by the way.

Then I initiated the cancellation and explained again in brief, saying to refer back to the original message sent. They declined it and wrote back, "No. Why won’t you do it? I want you to do it."

I don’t have to explain why I don’t offer a particular service, but as a professional, I politely stated that it simply isn’t a service I offer. However, there are many great sellers on Fiverr who can complete the task for them. I’m initiating the request again and here’s a link to the category where they can find another seller for this.

They accepted the cancellation the second time and thanked me for my time. Did I both lose a customer and send them directly to competition? Sure. But I don’t consider it to be a loss if it’s work I won’t do anyway or someone I don’t want to work with.

So I agree with the advice others gave as well. Try again, then make customer support aware of the issue if they continue to decline.

They’re rejected the cancellation twice and are now requesting to just put a heart, because that was my first sample… I don’t get it. they’re now sighting I can’t cancel because I “don’t want to do it”… horrible experience.

Reply to @madmoo: They’re now asking for the simple icon. I feel like it’s a trap to get me to deliver something so they can leave poor feedback.

Reply to @madmoo: I have. This is the worst experience to date.

Don’t turn anything else in, keep uploading the original stuff until they stop playing.

It’s finally resolved, Thank goodness. Thank you for all the input.