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Buyer would not accept a custom offer and ask to start working without placing an order

HI, I have this problem with a buyer. who is not ready to place an order as it would ask him to pay but he wants me to start working and he would pay after the final work is delivered. I don’t know if this is a way to complete order. :confused:

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Then you need to read fiverr rules and how fiverr works again.
Your “buyer” doesn’t have an intention to pay you.

Of course system would ask him to pay. Everyone pays for the work, why wouldn’t he want to pay for the work? Only if they have an intention to scam you.

If you still have doubts then read another topic that was discussed just today.


Thank you so much. I asked him to follow the policy.


Yes ! This is my post and she is scam ,
She didn’t pay yet and didn’t response me.
As this is 3 time buyer ask for initials and then didn’t pay.

Say directly to see policy and if they need our services then pay first

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thank you so much. I didn’t accept his offer

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