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Buyer wouldn\'t set appointment to complete gig

Hi there. This has probably already been covered, but I can’t find it, so bear with me. My gigs are related to small business coaching, so I meet with my purchasers either on Skype or in person. After much back and forth with the buyer, he never did tell me when he was available. The order was cancelled because it was so overdue, but now, the buyer has left a bad review for me. The conversation is clear, that he never responded to setting up a date to meet, yet I’m to blame?

I have changed some of what I’m doing to avoid this in the future, by putting under requirements that the buyer must set an appointment using my online calendar, but it still bugs me that I can’t even reply to the bad review.


You can try contacting Customer Support with the proof that the buyer never responded.

In the future, I suggest canceling the order if the buyer doesn’t set up the time 24 hours after he or she purchases the gig.

Take screenshots of the conversations you had and send them to customer support and explain that the buyer never set the appointment to complete the sale. They will be understanding as long as you can show what happened.