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Buyer wrecked my rating right out of the gates

Over a year ago I first started here on Fiverr doing some voice work. Sometimes the orders were difficult, but I worked through the complexity and did my best to complete the order to the best of my ability for the customer. It made me really happy to see my efforts rewarded when the 5 star ratings came in. Sometimes the orders I would get were well beyond a $5 job, but I was new and couldn’t really refuse an opportunity to get some more ratings, so I dealt with it.

So then I get this customer who sends me a ridiculously long transcript to read. I start reading it over and it is clear English is not this customer’s primary language. I asked him if he could please correct the errors. He responded, again in broken English, and not addressing the problem. So I went back to the text and started trying to edit his content by writing in English what I thought he meant to say. But this just got more and more complicated. Again, I went back to him and explained to him that I couldn’t understand what he was saying. He, again, didn’t fix the problem. By the time all these conversations had been had, time was up and the gig expired. He wrote my first 1 star review. I felt so bad about it that I kind of hid away because I couldn’t believe what had happened and I didn’t know how to prevent it in the future. Again, I got a second request from someone whose text was just ridiculously long and ridiculously not English. I tried to work it out with the user and had similar results. I gave up much sooner this time, got another bad review, and just gave up from Fiverr after that.

Now I am stuck at a 60% rating. I don’t even do voice work anymore, but I am back on Fiverr working in 3D modeling, but my reviews have carried over.

It sucks and I don’t know how to fix it.

Your best bet is to close this account and start a new one, with the help of CS.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


I would close the account and start over. It sounds really frustrating, but with a rating like that you might be better off with a fresh start, rather than trying to repair the damage on this account. I got one negative review once, for a Gig I later deleted, and even though all my other reviews is 5 stars, that one single review has me at 99 % forever.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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You can go back up to 100%. Your reviews would just need to hit 99.6% and if rounds up.

I would discontinue this account and setup a fresh account.

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Just close the account… Good luck mate

Do not be too hurt by this. It happens from time to time, particularly these cases of poorly written scripts. I believe this is why some VO talent write on their gigs that scripts will be read “as is” so please check for mistakes before sending.

It can be embarrassing to put your voice out there on a poorly written script. In that case, I would suggest refusing to work with these people. I have done it before. Either cancel the order up front or refuse the offer if they message you.

That 1-star review will only be a drop in the bucket months from now when you’ve received further 5-star reviews, but it will be all the more difficult to receive new orders with your rating showing a bit low like that. It’s a bit late for CS to help now, so if you think your sales are being hurt, your only real option is to close the account and start fresh. If your orders are ok, you may just want to continue on the account in order to avoid losing the progress you have made!


Learn from this experience. When you see a problem and the buyer refuses to correct it, that’s the time you refund the order. Refunds won’t hurt your rating, they only hurt where you appear on the search results. However, that can be balanced out with many successful deliveries.