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Buyerr Thread me Dispute the order or he will give me poor rating

Hi, I hope are of you are doing well. I’m facing an issue. I have delivered my order to the buyer. He needs changes, I did changes according to his wish.
He also shares the link with me where he hosts his website. And after that, he sends me Dispute and threads me to approve the dispute or he will rate me poorly. Now, What should I do? I need your precious advice.
I shall be very thankful to you.


You better cancel the order. Don’t let him cancel, you cancel.

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Sure sir Thank you for your feedback. But he is/will using my code?

don’t cancel! Contact CS which screenshots !
you have access to his site?


Yes i can access the website.

Make backup! if he put bad review do something with that! cancellation also order will lead to bad circumstance . completion rate will hit badly !

Yes, I’m new and worry about completion rates. main issue is this. But Then might he complaint to fiverr and stuck in some trouble?

All Possibilities exist . If you did in right way! just contact to CS

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Sure! Thank you for your precious time.

My pleasure Sir! …

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contact with customer care friendly…

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If you are :100: certain that you did the work then there’s nothing more to be done. Doing extra work for free is time-consuming.

If the Buyer is threatening you to do more work that was agreed that’s a NO-NO.

Listen, don’t allow Buyers to blackmail or bully you to do work that was not agreed upon. Period. Point. Blank! Secondly, if you don’t give the Buyer what he wants. Don’t be surprised if he lodge a complaint against you. He can go to CS to complain about the project and request a refund. Fiverr cannot hold the Buyer’s money hostage.

You can take a screenshot of the threats and share it with CS. Of course, that doesn’t mean they will let the order stand. Mostly likely it’ll be cancelled on their end and the funds returned to the Buyer.