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Buyers abuse the basic packages and question

Hi guys any tip will be apperciated.

Lately some buyers will try to get me to do a project on the lowest price, they would place an order via the basic gig and will order X amount of times so that’s how they try to enforce me to do their project.

I’ve learned that buyers that try to get the work done on the lowest prices won’t never accept a price modification for the order they placed and that’s resulting in having to cancel orders over and over again.

Plus what to do if some buyers ordering two orders at the same time from your gig? I find it hard to handle but YOU CAN’T AVOID them from doing that, any advices are apperciated.


For the first question (a buyer ordering a lower tier gig on purpose), the only solution is to raise base prices so nobody orders without prior contact.

I used to have that problem - I had a gig with lower price than others, and people would order that one when what they wanted was what I offered in other, more expensive gigs. What did I do? Same price across all gigs. My minimum price is $625 now on all my gigs. Even if it’s something I would do for $100, list price is $625 to deter any smartasses. Almost no orders without prior contact (a couple still do it, whatever). If the client think it’s too expensive for their “very simple project”, fine - contact me, and I’ll see what discount I can give you :slight_smile:

For the second question (a buyer ordering multiple gigs at once), I don’t get the problem. If you offer a service priced at, say, 100 words for $5, why shouldn’t I order 2 $5 gigs if I want 200 words? I don’t see any problems there, makes perfect sense.


Thank you that’s some interesting idea! Can I please know for how long have you been keeping your prices so buyers won’t abuse your gig?

For the second question, also here they will try to manipulate the gig, placing two orders at the same time, but of course choosing the wrong packages…

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I’ve always done it. If I started getting many orders without contact first to discuss pricing, I would just keep increasing the price until they stop.

I don’t understand your second point. If I want to abuse a seller, I can just place a (wrong) order, no need to place multiple orders.

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I just thought on an issue, I would like to still appear on the aloghrithm 5$
so when new buyers will look for my gig I won’t appear for most
what are your takes on that?

For the second point, they are manipulating the gig, they’re splitting what they need to be get done into two different orders, mostly choosing the wrong packages and having two orders running on the very same time make it hard to even try to handle it, did I make things clearler now? :slight_smile:

Mostly when a buyer does this, I won’t try to ask for a modification in the price they will for sure not agree… and that’s resulting in cancelling more orders so any ways to handle that I will be glad to know

Put your prices up, divide your gigs into packages. That way, they won’t be able to order multiples of the same gig … and the cheapskates will look elsewhere …

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I’ve divded my gig into packages, and it’s problematic to put the prices up friend… it will take me out of the alghrothm for 5$ offers

Well, that’s the point, isn’t it … ? You really don’t want those cheapskates causing all these problems for you.

If you want to keep your prices at $5 what you’re getting now is what happens. Either deal with it or do something else.


You don’t want to be in the algorithm for $5 offers. That targets $5 clients. And those are usually awful.

Now, if you were on the $50 market, maybe you would get 10 times less clients. But guess what? You would be making the same money on one client alone vs the previous 10. Would you rather get 1 client per month that pays $500 or 50 clients per month each paying $5?


Thank you for this input, I agree with you and wish to get to this place where I’m getting paid what I deserved… So I understand there’s nothing I can do to block them from abusing the 5$ package, I would like to have only one gig with this price :upside_down_face:

Have no gig at that price. As I said above, I had different priced gigs before, and people wanting to take advantage would just order the cheapest. Don’t give them that option. Offer nothing for $5.

Thank you, if you will have another advice on how I can get behind the obsticales of the algorithm I will be glad for an update, thanks for this hope:)

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Ignore the “algorithm”. It doesn’t exist - at least not in the way it is talked about in these forums. There’s no “ranking tips”, “algorithm seo”, etc. All BS.

The only advice that works is simple - get great looking gigs, good copy, good images/videos, a clear advantage vs the competition in your niche. Excellent communication (perfect english) in all your messages to clients. Limit your revisions. Set a good base price that will stop scammers and exploiters from ordering.

And then wait. If you did it right, results will eventually come. If you didn’t, try improving. If you can’t, then maybe Fiverr isn’t for you. It’s not for everyone.


I’ve been having that issue lately also so I’ve been staying offline & just taking work from my regular customers. I have been thinking about raising the prices on all the gigs, that would probably prevent that from happening. Customers would choose the lowest option on my gig & the request would be for something completely different from what the gig option covers.

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I wish we all sellers will do SOMETHING about it, why we can open a gig but many buyers just ignore it and will abuse our services?
There must be something to be done here

The problem here is that Fiverr doesn’t give us the option to put a limit to how many gig multiples someone orders, while the delivery time doesn’t go up, so people can order, e.g. 1000 words on a gig that’s for 100 words and includes 24-hour delivery, or 10x a 1000 word gig, etc., you get the picture.

For some weird reason, they fixed that for the vo category quite a while ago (delivery time wilm go up with multiples, but not for writing & translation.


The only thing that could be done is to not penalize sellers for canceling an order that is outside the scope of the gig. I would suggest to Fiverr giving sellers about an hour to accept or decline an order. This usually happens when someone doesn’t contact the seller before placing the order. (For me anyway) So if we had a short grace period to approve the customers request it would take care of that problem. After all it’s actually costing Fiverr money when there sellers get taken advantage of that. I originally had a ten dollar gig for color separations. It was specifically for high resolution only artwork lol. I would get random customers putting orders in for a range of different requests. I had to shut that down after a day or two but also had to complete those requests. Customers would pretend they didn’t realize. Lol , that never happens on my 35$ gigs.

Hello I saw your profile, You are really hardworking and helping others to grow. Really appreciated.