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Buyers abusing "Cancel Order" option by ordering without confirmation


I am level-1 seller and I got an order from a buyer yesterday and he sent the order without confirming with me. The order was not even related to the Gig I was offering. So I told the buyer that it requires custom order and will be at much higher rate than in the Gig. The buyer insisted to complete the project at lower price or else he would cancel the order. We came to agreement for mutual cancellation of the order. However, it affected my “Completion Rate” and I got notification to improve the completion rate to avoid demotion of seller level. After Fiverr has introduced this new feature where mutual cancellations also affect your completion rate, people tend to abuse it by ordering Gigs with low price for a work that is much more than what is defined in the Gig. When you ask them for higher price, they simply say they are going to cancel the order and it will affect your completion rate, hence forcing you to work on a lower price than what you had asked in actual. Therefore, I would suggest Fiverr to stop counting mutually cancelled orders in calculation of completion rate or sellers here would be at great disadvantage.


Hi there. This is definitely frustrating to have your completion rate lowered. I noticed you mentioned that the buyer did not contact you before hand. One of your giga has this at the very bottom of the description “NOTE: Please inbox me before making an order”. This could continue to be an issue for you as Fiverr likes that a customer can just pick a seller and pay. If possible, it may be beneficial to change that gig around so that if a customer does order without contacting you, you will not be hit with this situation again.

Hopefully it doesn’t happen again!


That will be happening all the time. I have at least 4-5 clients a month placing cheaper order and hoping to get more work even if it’s clear in the description that it should be higher price option.
Fiverr are not going to change this system, it’s been a year since this new feature and even after hundreds complains they insist that that’s how system is intended to work.

However if buyer openly threatened you to cancel the order if you are not going to do it for a lower price you should contact support straight away. They will still cancel the order but they will also look at the messages and might block the buyer account if there is an issue as it’s strickly forbidden to blackmail sellers.

Another advise to make clear in the description exact thing what person would get even if gets to a kindergarden level of explanation. Eg (you are going to get “flowers” and “leaves” in this gig. If you need “trees” please order other price option)


This is a genuine reason and yes it happens not so often but it Does and fiverr team should make changes that are fair to us sellers.
I would advise you not to become frustrated over your order completion rate and if you think your order completion % is not accurate as it is being displayed on your profile then you should always xontact CS before next evaluation and they will help you out.I have heard from other sellers who have gone thorugh this process.


Yes you are right. I contacted CS and they reviewed the conversation. They have asked me to contact them again after my next evaluation if I get demoted.


Yeah I have made some changes to my Gigs and would make some more in the light of the suggestions here. I am thinking to make everything clear in the Gig and if someone still places the order, go with it as per description in the Gig and deliver what is promised. If they complain, you will not be on fault. Just saying…


I feel as though there needs to be a second stage to orders that might remedy this. So an order gets placed, but is is considered “pending”. The seller has X number of hours/days (it could be based on a percentage from the time set in the Gig for completion) to “accept” the order. Then if there are issues with price/deliverables, those get worked out or the seller can cancel without it affecting the completion rate, while still being prompt with communication.


Welcome to Fiverr. A lot of the policies are a joke and the level system is a joke, so get used to all of the issues this combination presents and work around them as best as you can. Otherwise you’ll just be frustrated the whole time you’re here.