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Buyers abusing revisions + fake language barrier

Ugh… this buyer, let’s call him “CV”.

You know those types of buyers who JUST EXPECT the seller to keep providing unlimited revisions and when you already specified in the gig that you’re only offering 1 revision and charge for additional more, they use “Sorry for the language barrier!!” as a lame excuse.

Look, just because I’m not American doesn’t mean I CANNOT SPEAK ENGLISH.

And then when you already told them that you charge for an extra revision they go “How’s the gig going?” expecting me working on it.

I’d really want Fiverr to limit buyers to have the ability to revise because it’s so annoying and frustrating.

I did nearly 3 revisions and he expected me to finish the 4th revision, like WHY!?

Not only this, let’s put another buyer called “JD”.

JD told me that he wanted a video ad similar to some multi-billion dollar companies advertisement, I tried to imitate it and he accepted it BUT he asked for a revision.

then he tells me to “The best part of the whole thing is the guy doing X. Do a video using the guy doing X and put music on it make it 15-30 seconds long”.

Even though this went past the revision limit, I still accepted it since it’s just that, putting a clip and putting music behind it.

Submitted, he rejected it and told me “Whre’s the animation?” “Where’s the script???”

It’s so annoying that buyers have the ability to revise and revise even though you already specified in the gig that you only do 1 revision.


It sounds like you are allowing them to take advantage of your flexibility. In this case, I’d create a template response,

“Thanks for your enthusiasm for this project. Since we’ve already used one revision, additional revisions will cost $. I’ll send over the custom offer now.”

If they keep using the revisions button, simply keep delivering the same deliverable, with the message, “The one revision included in this offer has already been used, so I’ll have to redeliver. I’d be happy to complete another revision for you within the scope of the original requirements. Would you like me to send the custom offer?”

Don’t do extra revisions if you don’t offer them. And let CS know that the Buyer is not using the button correctly.


Thank you so much for the tip! I never thought of creating a message template for those abusing the revision button.

That’s something that I use all the time. You have to stand for yourself. It’s all about communication, some people don’t even check how many revisions they have and just pressing a button but I find that actually majority of people just accept an offer for extra revision without arguing.