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Buyer's Account Inactivated - Will I Still Get Paid?

Hi Everyone!

Last month I had a potential scammer buyer, you know the type, they hate what you wrote and want something entirely new so they get 2-for-1. I delivered the revised work and sent them an offer to cover the revisions. They disappeared, and I was fine with that. Cancellation averted!

Last week, I had another potential scammer again. Her revisions request didn’t even make sense. She didn’t even say “please” or “thank you”. In the middle of that time I had to go on a trip and deal with an aunt’s death. She never even said, “I’m sorry to hear that”. Anyway, besides her being heartless, I finally said that I’ll take the first story and use it elsewhere, and write her a brand new story from her “revisions”. She agreed to that.

It took me about 5 days to get it together, as I had to deal with legal family stuff. I delivered it, then sent my usual offer for the revisions, hoping she’ll go away like the other guy and I can once again avoid a cancellation.

But when I click her account, it’s now gone.

So, does this mean I’ll still get paid for the delivered order?

It’s totally bizarre.

Thank you for your advice!


Hmm, this is a tricky one to search for…

If you were actually able to ‘deliver now’, that’s promising…
Have you already filed a ticket?


I couldn’t find anything. I don’t know what happened. Perhaps their account got banned. I will hope that there are no chargebacks.

Update: Buyer is being extremely difficult. On top of that, they have two different accounts and are being difficult from both. I realized it was the same client when they asked me which short story I was referencing, then I looked and same time zone.

You should still get paid, even if the order isn’t completed. This has happened to me twice. Both times I just waited for things to auto-complete and then the 14 days. I hope the other difficulty gets resolved…


One client has apologized to me and we’re working on it. I hope the other client doesn’t ask for another revision.

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The other client is crazy so I have sent it to customer support for cancellation. I can use the story elsewhere. $25 is nothing to me. They can reject it but I’ll leave it in the queue forever then.