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Buyers acting as if revisions are unlimited when it clearly says "1 Revision"


I know this is a common complaint, but I have to add to the pile.

I offer 1 revision with my gig. That said, if I make errors, of course I’m happy to correct them for free- but buyers keep asking me for unlimited stylistic revisions. I don’t understand why fiverr allows further revision requests when the order includes a set limit. It’s incredibly frustrating because it leaves me stuck between either doing hours of work for what should have been a 10 minute, $5 job, or potentially getting a bad review if I confront the buyer about it. This happens to me literally every week, repeatedly, and is the biggest issue I face on this platform.

I’m starting to think I should just bite the bullet and request they pay me extra when this happens, but I also really don’t want to lose my 5 star rating. Ugh.


I would suggest you include unlimited revisions in your gig,that being said you only have to do one revision but if you do make a mistake convince your buyers that you would correct that for free as quick as possible.
This relationship between your buyers will help you get 5 star rating.
I think this made sense, feel free to correct me if I am wrong


Offering unlimited revisions is rarely a good idea, and allows buyers to take advantage of you, especially on a five dollar gig. And I already stated I correct any errors on my part for free, I don’t count those as revisions, but rather corrections. I already have a 5 star rating over around 100 orders, that’s not the issue here.

If someone has ordered a $5 gig and I’ve already fixed any errors and included a stylistic revision, they shouldn’t be able to ask for 5 more revisions because they want to alter their script or want me to change the background music 3 times and change my pacing to fit the new music each time.


Hello, I didn’t see revisions mentioned in your gig description. I did see that extra revisions start at $5 and it would not be unreasonable to send that offer for an extra $5 per revision. Sometimes simply mentioning that revisions are an extra fee is all it takes. I wouldn’t live in fear of a bad review over this either. Of course if the revision is due to a mistake that would be free but it’s normal to request the very small additional fee for a revision.


Then I think you should charge an extra 5$ :slight_smile:


I’m not sure why it’s not showing up for you- from my gig description:
“My turnaround time is within 48 hours of the work being sent, and I’m happy to provide free revisions in case of my own errors, or 1 free stylistic revision.
If the script is changed after the order has already been delivered, this will be subject to an additional cost- I don’t re-record different scripts for free.”


I see it now thanks. I was trying to say that when they request a revision that is not covered under the free one revision policy it is ok to tell them that it will be an additional fee of $5 and send that extra offer on the order page.

It’s quite a reasonable fee. They know they are asking for too much to ask for a free revision if it’s not within your policy and are counting on you not making them pay extra.

You also could try raising your base price to $10 which might discourage some who want to take advantage.


No greedy buyer on earth will accept that.
He’ll just look at it and hiss.
They want things for free or for super cheap prices.
few will though!

They’ll always feel that it’s their right since setting a revision limit doesn’t affect the the revision button.

Also their is no option to reject a revision unlike order cancellation.
I think there should be an accept or reject boton for revision because many greedy buyers will always want to use revision to get something extra.
As a seller you know the order will be automatically cancelled if you dont respond to the revision.
So most times the exploitative idea of requesting for undeserved revisions will often succeed.


Thanks for the advice! I guess I’m concerned that my sales will die if I increase my base price, but I know you’re right and I should just give it a go, since I can always change it back!

What I’ve decided to do for now is give them the first revision, then if they ask for a second I will do it but attach a message reminding them that I only include 1 free revision, so the second was a courtesy, but any further revisions will have to be purchased. I think that might work as a good middle ground between giving the buyer what they want without breaking my back in the process.


What increasing your base price may do is 1. increasing your income 2. having fewer orders but more income 3. eliminating the worst of the worst cheapskates who try to take advantage of you.


It’s usually the cheap jobs that are causing more problems (5$, 10$) and if I have a job worth 100 or more, the client is happy and I may recieve a tip as well.

Raise your prices and keep them a few days raised, see what happens.
Also, you can specify in the gig description that additional revisions will be taxed since you are offering just one for free. Good luck.