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Buyers advertising in Buyers' Requests>Qustion

Hey everyone. I have been browsing through buyers’ requests, and I’m seeing a lot of requests among the lines of:
" I need a filter on this video
[youtube video link] ( I would order from those who are subscribed to me)"

Isn’t this advertising in a way? It seems kinda fishy to me how they’re offering a very large amount of money. Is there a way to report a buyer’s request or something of the sort? :slight_smile: Thank you guys!

  1. I haven’t seen any request saying “I would order from those who are subscribed to me”. But if it was maybe it would be against some rule. Do you have an example buyer request?

  2. No there isn’t a report button for the buyer requests section, though people on the forum have asked for one to report those advertising their gigs etc.

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Thanks for replying! Actually there is one right now, which says the exact same thing (I just changed the sentence structure a little), but I don’t really want to post a screenshot, as this would violate the rule of not calling out someone on he forums. :smiley:

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Okay, maybe I’m not seeing them because they’re in the wrong category. Maybe the “I need a filter on this video” requests are in the Graphics & Design/Photoshop Editing type categories even though they should be in one the video categories, so I don’t see them.

But since there’s no report button for Buyer Requests, we can’t do anything about them anyway (though I think some people in the past might have contacted Fiverr support about them).

Yes. They are under Graphics & Design for sure. Thanks for clarifying everything. :slight_smile:

Yes i see this request almost 1hr ago…and i take a screen shot of this request .i have ss.
These buyer promote self through advertisment on fiverr…
i really want that fiverr take action against these type of buyers

I know lol. You’re just waiting for a good request to pop up and then you get this… lol

The same person is posting again… “I need someone who can resize this video
please watch video before sending your offers ( I would order those who
would subscribe to my YouTube channel and like my video ) after that
comment done on my video for me to recognise you” :confused:

and he has literally posted 3 identical requests, and all in the wrong category.

I believe the BR section is not monitored by staff and needs better filtering, hopefully Fiverr can address this better soon but for now just remove request is all we can do so we can stop seeing it from our end.


I think you’re good as long as you can black out the name :+1: Thanks for paying attention to the rules!

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Yup. I wish I could just block this person though :stuck_out_tongue: I am really not that interested in seeing 3 (probably fake) BRs a day about a task that is not really in the right category :confused:

I just copy pasted one of their BR. But I could do that if y’all wish next time. :slight_smile:

Yes i saw many like this before, this is so annoying, they are getting views for youtube channel, first time i went you tube i have reported it as spamming what else i can do? i was lucky that i didnt send a offer total waste if i send.


Dang I am referring to these exact BR. :frowning: I just feel like it looks so gimmicky. 350 $ on Fiverr for a BR is truly A LOT!

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I agree, sometimes they do legitimately link to youtube but these seem obviously spam to get views, especially given the budget and asking people to subscribe and like the video (the last one would take more work but that too looks fake - it’s very unlikely he’d really want that background removed and I assume it’s all the same user trying to get views/likes/subscribes to his youtube channel/videos).

Definitely. And still am getting daily Buyer Request by him/her. Kinda sad…