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Buyers always care about seller's profile level


Hi everyone,

I was selling on fiverr for a while and I’ve got new experience to share with you. I was level 2 seller one week ago. due to a TOS violation ( as they said ) i was demoted to level 1, at the same time i supposed to be demote since my order completion rate is low. so this month 15th evaluation i was demoted to no level. so I’m just like a new seller just have reviews on the profile.

Before these demotions I’ve got 3-4 messages each and every day from potential customers that they explaining their requirement and asking to work on them. but now things are totally different. Now I don’t even get one single message for a day. After demoting to no level, I didn’t get any order since it happened almost 6 days ago. :persevere:

So what i learnt is,


So what i can say is,


because It’ll hurt your business than you think! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank You for reading,
Have a nice day!


You are right bro .That also happened with me


yes right…!!!


I don’t think this is necessarily true. There was probably a reduction in the number of messages from potential buyers because your gig’s ranking on Fiverr’s search pages would have dropped like lead (after you dropped two levels), therefore, making your gigs much harder to find.

It is not that buyers don’t care about your previous reviews and just care about your profile level. You’re experiencing this due to the fact that your gigs probably gain very little exposure on Fiverr’s search pages after a drop in their ranking (which is a consequence of losing your profile level).

If you devote more time/spend more resources on advertising your gigs and getting the word out, I’m sure that your current situation could be improved. It is just that now, since you are a no level seller, you have to put in extra effort in advertising your gigs. I’m sure many prospective buyers would check your reviews out and would wanna buy your gigs.

Happy selling! :snowflake:


Do you think staying online helps in your profile search? Just curious!


Some would argue that your gigs get better exposure (or have a better ranking in Fiverr’s search) when you’re online. However, I am not entirely sure if that’s true.


Agreed because when I search as a buyer, it shows sellers who are offline too unless I put a filter on.


I make it a habit of always staying online. Living in the United States, I’ve gotten orders from places like India and Turkey when I was asleep, I think do in large part to the fact that so few other people show up online when we’re asleep but other parts of the world are up doing work.


Yes, hopefully I will be able to get promoted as level 1 on this month’s evaluation. :blush: