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Buyers and buyers

I’ve noticed from my latest order that the buyer was working for the same project -interior design services- and with another seller. I’ve noticed and other times that happened.
I’ve informed him before the final delivery he will see a draft preview of my designs. During the process he changed three times what he had originally asked for. What did he achieve with this? He had seen three different versions of his bathroom design
Finally I delivered one image as was including to the order package. The buyer accepted the delivery without review.
Any advise please?


I feel a bit unclear but it sounds to me like you may be describing a reseller - someone who pretends to be whatever you do, collects clients, then sells the work to other sellers for less.

In theory, a middle-man is a great thing as they do the tricky customer thing and you get to focus on doing the work. A great middle-man is a joy to both customer and creative as they make the process work so well.

Sadly tho in freelancer places they are people who do nothing but buy work and sell it to the lowest bidder. Commonly they don’t even understand the work or know how to take a Brief so all they do is run you around as they run their poor unsuspecting clients around.

Many/most experienced sellers do all they can to avoid these like the plague they are.



I think it wasn’t about a reseller. But about the buyers who trying to take advantage of your intention for a good collaboration and earn more at low cost.
He earned from me to see different configuration versions of his bathroom. Also for the same bathroom had another design proposal.

People might be doing this for sure, I saw videos on youtube of people talking about it with titles like “how to make money on fiverr without working” where they get cheap work and re sell it more expensive …


Oh really I haven’t no idea about!
But when it’s about a design proposal for a bathroom with specific dimensions -I ask and for photos for each space- makes this a little complicated.
For logo design oh yes it so easy this happened.

Also I’m think how in the future can avoided them! They are trouble :upside_down_face:

Logo design is the best because they ask someone to draw a logo for 5€, then they reverse it and sell it for more than 5€ :rofl:

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:neutral_face: a filter to remove them should be invented :

It’s impossible, a software can’t spy and judge if people are doing good actions or not.

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For sure! It was a joke.
As we are responsible for accepted orders.

I don’t really understand what is your problem here :thinking:

They bought your gig, right?
You completed it according to their requirements, right?
They asked you for additional concepts that were not included and agreed to deliver them free of charge, correct?
They marked an order completed and you got paid, right?

If so then I still don’t see what is troubling you here apart from you agreeing to do more free work.


The problem is: I informed before he place the order that before the final delivery he will see from me a draft image of my design proposal based on the tiles and the bathroom vanity he has send to me. He received from me the draft and the changed what he first asked for: different tile and bathroom vanity.

I asked him: so do you need changes?
He answered with the image of a design proposal who already has received from another designer.

I’ve made the changes and send again a draft, then asked for different arrangement and color of tiles!
So he received a multiply view of how their bathroom can be.

I have to protect better my services.

Exactly, it’s up to you to say what a the terms of your gig and what revision include.
You will always have people asking for more but YOU are the one who need to set boundaries.

Here you just agreed to do free work so no hard feelings. He asked for more, you agreed to do it for free. You could’ve send him a custom offer if he was requesting new designs.

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That’s the point!
Thank you!