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Buyers and prices: a love-hate relationship

My prices are very clearly listed on the gig’s page. Since I have the Packages feature on, a potential buyer can easily input the number of words they want and see for themselves how much it will cost. It’s simple as that! Additionally, I almost always offer a bit of a discount when somebody contacts me before ordering, a sort of incentive.

I can’t tell you how many times in the past week I’ve received a variation of the message “but I thought it would be cheaper” / “but person A will do it for less” / “this is too much”. Well, you can easily check how much it’s going to cost before contacting me and having me waste my time going back-and-forth with you, can’t you?

And then there’s the begging. “Can I get a first-time buyer discount?” Excuse me, what? You want me to charge you MORE money the second time you go around? How is this sane business practice? “What is the best practice you can give me?” My ‘best price’ is listed very clearly on the gig’s page. “Can you do it for $30/$20/$10?” No. “Can I pay you by sending you my sweatshirt?” No, thank you, I like to buy my own clothes and I need money for that.

Gosh, I’m so tired of even selecting my preset message for beggars/hagglers/complaints about money. These are my prices - you can see I’m doing well and not hurting for business so why on Earth would I lower them for YOU?

/Ignore me, just ranting.