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Buyers are always right


Fiverr’s policyis making buyers invincible. You can just push the report button and wait for eternal nothingness about it.


Curiously enough, I’ve seen and heard buyers say the same about sellers…


Doom of professionalism maybe?


Doom of working online and digitally I’d say…


You are the one who Violated TOS, aren’t you?
Please stop complaining! You are helpless for your own mistake!
Forget about it! Look forward! :slight_smile:


Well, buyers are the ones injecting money into this site, they pay for fiverr and for the seller work so ofc they are more important. It happens on paypal, ebay, amazon, and all those big websites.


It actually depends who it is. I am always right. Therefore, if I’m a buyer, I’m always right. Since I’m mainly a seller, I’m always right on that side of the fence as well.

I’m right?


It’s true. You ARE always right.


Well, in that case we just have to watch our step and be careful at every single word we speak while taking or placing an order so one word doesn’t ruin your overall experience.


what happend to you …??


Conducting appropriate business is always right, not buyers or sellers. Btw, I’ve experienced CS backing me up on an incident where the buyer (the one who “paid” fiverr and generated income for them) was totally incorrect, so, no, the buyer is not always right for them, they’ve been very fair in bringing a solution to that matter.


Well you are one lucky person, i guess, coz the CS happened to failed on my issue, tho the buyer has stopped the threats but left 3 negative reviews which the CS didn’t remove…


Well, I’m sorry to hear that not a desirable solution was offered in your case. You must be aware however, that it’s currently very hard to remove a feedback given from a customer, unless the client consents or if you can provide evidence that you’ve been blackmailed with a negative review to offer extra/free work. But it will still depend…on how you’ll deal with the client…if you start shouting or calling names etc, chances are the feedback will remain there (I do not imply you did so, I added it for everyone’s reference).
Tell us a bit more about that, what has happened with the client?


I did provided CS with the mails in which the client blackmailed me, in clear words he said, "If you don’t do the work, i will wrote a negative review everyday on your profile (as he ordered 5 gigs and each one of them was completed and delivered weeks ago)"
I replied to him very humbly, and stated that "Sir, your order has been delivered as you asked, now if you don’t like the idea you gave me for how to do it, I’m not responsible for that product, if you want to make another animation, you’ll have to place an order again coz i delivered my work as you asked me to."
In reply to that he said he won’t pay a single penny and want this done otherwise the reviews.
For which he wrote 3 negative reviews each day after the mail, hence i contacted CS, they said they can remove the reviews after reviewing the buyer.
It’s been days now and no response from CS and the reviews are still there…