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Buyers are becoming immortals on Fiverr - Buyers Scamming Sellers

The Support Team has cancelled the order. But it will also affect my profile… Giving the buyers the best and at last, when the order completed they say I can’t do any more work with you. And face rude and bad behavior of Support Team. We got nothing just a warning of a spam seller.

It is just because of Injustice Policies and main TOS of Fiverr (Tyrant)


it is a very sad story… :cold_sweat:

Is a very sad and bad experience the one you faced.

However, Fiverr is still the internet and scammers and scummies are always looking for victims. Not in every case the platform is going to protect you. You have to be cautious of red flags and signs you may be talking to a scammer. Buyers only get as far as we sellers allow them to get.

That’s my two cents.


Thank You @moonstaredits

Really helpful, I really got very disappointed as it as y first order.

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yes they are. i was scammed by two of the clients and then they blocked me. That’s not fair. we do work for them and then get nothing .

Hi there! Did you try contacting Fiverr CS? You could explain your situation to them and they could make it so the cancellation won’t affect your stats.

Also, the buyer could’ve done a chargeback through PayPal and there’s nothing Fiverr can do about that. If a buyer does this, they get kicked off of the platform. I hope this helps!

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Before I tell them they cancelled the order with affecting my stats

Does your buyer still have a Fiverr account? If not, they probably got banned for doing a chargeback.


The still exist and fiverr support team says that if the buyer disturbs you, then you can block him.

See sellers got ban and buyers got love and support for doing more and ore fraud with us. Because Fiverr got their profit through buyers only.

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Really very bad bad expirience with Fiverr. I came on Fiverr to start my business and I was new on Fiverr. Becoming the victim of Fiverr Scam is very bad experience moreover I was new to Fiverr.

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Scammers look exactly for that: inexperienced new sellers.

Try raising your price so you don’t become an easy target for them. Also, you will get better customers who know the value of things. Don’t offer unlimited revisions nor satisfaction guarantee.

I’ve done everything I’ve recommended right now and, despite being a new seller, haven’t encountered a single person who tried to scam me in the 8 completed orders I have.

Also, maybe in the forum there are posts about red flags you should know in order to stop working for a buyer. Read them to help you identify possible scammers.

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How much price I should raise? Currently I charge 5 to 15 dollars per order. Should move to 10-15 to 30 dollars?

It depends also on the competition. Or your own expertise. The price should cover your expenses, give you some earning margin and be competitive. I can’t really tell because it’s something you have to think after investigating what multiple sellers are doing. But I’m sure that 5-15 dollars is really cheap. I start in 5$ too, but it’s because in my category even top sellers have that starting price. Some others have 25$, 50$, up to 100$ starting prices, however my expertise is still not enough to charge 50$ for a 1 minute video (it will be abusing the buyer and not a very honest price to my skills). So yes, find that point where is not cheap but is also honest to your experience in the field.

Actually I see more incentives for people to scam at higher price points. Remember they can do a PayPal chargeback for hundreds of dollars. If $5 just stings… $400 HURTS. So I can assure you prices don’t really matter. If someone wants to scam, they will scam at any price. Someone here complained a few months ago they were scammed for $3000 or something like that…

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Well, you’re right, scammers have also different budgets after all :face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy:

But a combination of a low price, inexperience, and not knowing the red flags is what actually causes new sellers to fall victim for these scammers. Rising the price at least will scare away cheapos, one less problem to deal with.

Rising the prices and not knowing that if someone asks for communication outside of Fiverr is a MAJOR red flag, is still pointless if one wants to avoid scammers.

It all comes down to reading the rules. If people come here expecting to make big money and they don’t even read the rules and obey them… then that’s on them.

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It is. Every new seller should know what they’re getting into before it’s too late. It can save us a lot of trouble just reading the ToS. Sometimes they get into trouble because the complete ignorance of the basics, like we shouldn’t offer unlimited revisions or money refunds if the customer is not satisfied. It happens more often than it should if everyone took 10 minutes to read the ToS.

Wait, there is a no-refund option? I thought when the buyer cancels it, there’s nothing we can do.


As far as I know, even if CS cancels the order and not the buyer, as a seller you still don’t get to keep the money. If CS cancels the order though, depending on how problematic was the buyer or if he/she did things against ToS, your account has no consequences.

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