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Buyers are black mailing


one buyer is blackmailing me for work that is not part of my gig and again-2 rejecting he wasted my 3 days work and for shows fake proof. I was clean malwares from all sites then he again restored backup of malwares and shows that i haven’t worked that is the reason site are down why not fiverr is not helping sellers from buyer like this always top rated buyers are cheating.

people are using cancellation method of fiverr in wrong way

I never support people like that

Please do something this is not good for sellers time is wasted

report them to fiver and send screenshots too …

Already report to fiverr 3 days ago no help from them i have canceled the order but my point is that this is not a way to work. I work hard in late night he restored malware backups 2 times again i worked he again restored. Then asking me to refund means no value of our hard work

That buyer should get banned from Fiverr, there’s no room for blackmail.

So you are one of those blackhat forum members, then? How else could you get a screenshot of his forum post. Both of you should be banned. Shame on you for blaming a fellow blackhat member.

I’ve checked out the forum page by googling the words in the screenshot. Whilst reading what I did and the ensuing comments on the forum, my question is - how can you actually link this post to the buyer in question? What they are doing is wrong of course, and was disturbing to read it. However, fiverr would need proof to be able to take action against this person. He/she says they have multiple accounts AND they are a seller here as well. All that said, contact customer support anyway and see if they will do anything, I hope they do, however I’ve seen many sellers get burnt here so not surprised that someone’s posting about how to get free gigs - because you can! (despite how vile and immoral that is of course)

Hey this post i got from one of my friend i am not a member of any forum like that and i am against of this. I have already complaint to fiverr regarding this. This i have posted for safety of sellers for beware buyers like that

yes i have posted the image for sellers never get cheated in future because we people are doing hard work from long time. That buyer ask me to work more and more without paying and black mailing me that if i will not do the work he will cancel the order. So i have posted this above image for telling to all sellers how buyers are cheated us and how we can deal with people like them.

Yes but sir main problem is the at the end buyer will change logins details take their sites down to show to fiverr that site is damaged by sellers. Once they get refund they will restore the backup. Means they are getting work free of cost and our hard work is totally wasted

If they are indeed blackmailing you - Ie there are words in fiverr messages they are sending you saying this, as mentioned - get support to look at it. Unfortunately the work is always done in these cases, so posting the image doesn’t really help anyone stopping being scammed unfortunately. Sadly, the only way not to be scammed on fiverr from a sellers perspective is not do any gigs at all.

Yes i have sent that to fiverr he written messages that i will not do that work he i will not clear the gig. He accept that he restored backups with malwares so many times but i have already canceled the gig because of headache i never wants to fight and from 4 days i didn’t hear anything from fiverr hope soon they will reply.

I still do not understand why you are making this case public? You should be communicating or reporting this to Fiverr Support. We, as forum members, can’t really do much about it.

there are some bad buyers out there on fiverr so you just have to give a refund and move on…

I did experience the same, they blackmailed me that they will leave a negative comment, My rating as a seller is very important for me. :frowning: They shouldn’t be in fiverr

If a buyer threatens you with bad reviews, take a screenshot and contact Customer Support.

Then laugh at their shitty attempt at blackmail while pocketing their money. Or refund, and encourage their awful, bullying behavior.

yes losing the time

That’s really the best thing someone should do.

He get banned than what ? Make another account and keep doing the same thing…Best advice Cancel the order.

I really doubt that cancelling an order is really the right thing to do especially if you worked so hard on his order. Fiverr has to implement something to prevent that from happening.