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Buyers are cheaters

i have delivered as per buyer requirement. Now buyer saying that i didnt give proper delivery and saying rubbish. Without giving any reason buyer asking to cancel. Buyer took the delivery now asking for cancel. This is not fair enough. I have delivered as per requirement. This buyer chitting on me. After taking delivery saying delivery is rubbish and asking money again. If buyers do like this, what should sellers will do.

please fiverr team help me on this. You can check the requirement and my delivery as well. So that you can know the truth of this delivery.

I’m sorry this happened to you.
There are many cases where the buyers just don’t like the delivery and ask for cancellation to receive the product for free.
In those cases, we as sellers, cannot do anything but just accept it and move on.
It can get very frustrating but I suggest you to not feel bad.
In real life businesses too, we cannot always have happy customers. Some will be bad and some will be extra good.

but if i have not delivered the requirement then i am ready to give money back. But i have delivered order as per reqirement. Fiverr team please check my delivery and buyer requirement. I have deliverd exacrt requirement. Buyer is refusing delivery without asking for modification or giving proper reason for the cancellation.

hello, this is forum no one help you here, here only people suggest you, so please contact fiverr support for issue resolving.

Ok. please guide me how to contact fiverr support team.

Reply to @creativitysg: Yes, I know what you are saying. I have had this happen to me. We cannot do anything. Fiverr is a platform where the buyers roll the dice. You will just need to accept it and move on, I’m afraid.

Reply to @funkygfx: Thanks for helping me. Can you please tell me how to contact fiverr support team regarding this issue.

Reply to @creativitysg: Sure.
Go to this link

Click on ‘submit a request’ and then proceed from there. :slight_smile:

Fiverr Customer Support

Reply to @funkygfx: Thanks a
lot. is that they will resovle this problem. Where tp report the issue in fiverr support. I m unable to find anyway where to report the issue