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Buyer's are facing payment issues when they try to buy my gig or accept my custom offer

Hi, Im a New seller and so close to achieve level 1 Recently a buyer contacted me and we had a deal i sent a custom offer. And when he tried to proceed payment Fiver didn’t accepted the payment he tried again but still the same error. At first i thought its because maybe buyer is having some issue with his card or paypal.
After that actually just some hours ago

Another buyer contacted me tried to purchase my Gig and when tried to fiver rejected his card also. He told me that he is facing this issue (Same as the recent buyer was facing) Screen shot by buyer is attached

He tried couple of times nothing happened we also tried custom offer nothing happened.
I am worried because if this was only with 1 buyer then its understandable but 2nd buyer also faces the same issue. SO, Kindly Guide me how i can solver this ? Is this fivers system issue or My accounts issue?? Please i would really appreciate if you guys guide me Thanks


Your buyer(s) may need to contact their banks where they have their cards to inquire as to why they are being blocked from buying on Fiverr.

I would also write to CS and send this screen shot and let them know you have two separate buyers who are having trouble ordering from you. They may be able to help - but, be aware, they may take a day or more to get back to you.


Thanks you mam. And i hope Fiver will solve this matter Asap Otherwise, l will start loosing costumers i already lost two i don’t know if they will come back or not.
I will be very happy if fiver team take a look and solve the matter that why two buyers face the same issue while they were trying to buy from my gigs and my custom offers.